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December, 2016

Standing, left to right are Donna Bremer, Marlys Jacobson, Carol Bremer, Pam Walcker, Starr Braaten, Christine Paulsen, Carolyn Paulsen and Kelsey Christian. Seated are Jenna Cameron, Joyce Jerstad, Eunice Juliuson, and Jennifer Braaten. Not pictured are Linda Bergenheier, Angie Gullicks, Susan Sayer and Dana Frojen.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from your Finley Library volunteers. Our plea for more librarians was answered as you can see by this picture. Joyce Jerstad and Eunice Juliuson will no longer be scheduled librarians after the first of the year but they will still be on the sub list. We’ve appreciated their faithful help for many, many years.

We’ve received several new hard cover/large print books. They are:

Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult. Picoult’s books are always thought provoking and this one is no different. Ruth, an African American nurse of 20 years, is told by a white supremacist couple to not touch their newborn. The baby goes into cardiac arrest when Ruth is alone in the hospital nursery and hesitates starting CPR. There’s a trial. Do they mention race at the trial? This book makes you think about prejudice, justice and privilege.

A Baxter Family Christmas by Karen Kingsbury. Kingsbury has written more than 20 books about the Baxters. They are uplifting books about a multi-generational family. Erin was killed in a car accident 2 years ago and Kendra now has Erin’s heart. Kendra, an atheist, has been invited to the Baxter Christmas, causing her and the family to test their beliefs.

Winter Storm by Erin Hilderbrand. This is the conclusion to the Winter Street trilogy. A life threatening blizzard hits Nantucket just as the Quinn family is preparing to host a family wedding.

Home by Harlen Coben. Ten years ago, two 6 year old boys from wealthy families were kidnapped. Ransom was demanded, then no more contact. Now, one of the boys has appeared. What happened to his friend? What happened the day of the abduction? What’s happened during the past 10 years? Is he who he says he is? Reviewers say you might think you know the ending, but, you don’t!

Cross the Line by James Patterson. An Alex Cross mystery that brings, Bree, his wife, into the picture to close two cases when new violence comes to the capital. Alex and Bree must catch the evil mind behind the violence or they both could die. Did you know Alex Cross has been in 24 books?

Order to Kill by Vince Flynn. Mitch Rapp, an anti-terrorism operative, heads to Pakistan to track down stolen nuclear warheads. The story has high adventure and is an action-heavy thriller. Vince Flynn started the Mitch Rapp series. He died in 2013 and Kyle Mills is keeping Mitch Rapp alive.

New hard cover/regular prints books are:

Odessa File by Clive Cussler. Trouble has found Dirk Pitt, the director of the National Underwater and Marine agency, on the Black Sea. Something has killed almost everyone aboard a Russian freighter. Dirk has to find the cause.

No Man’s Land by David Baldacci. This is Baldacci’s fourth thriller featuring John Puller, US Army criminal investigator. We have the first three books, just in case you want to read them in order.  They are Zero Day, The Forgotten and The Escape. Come on in and pick them up. If you aren’t a Baldacci fan, you will be!

The Chemist by Stepanie Meyer. A female Jason Bourne, she’s an expert in the chemical torture field but apparently she knows too much so her employer, the US Government, is after her. Early in the book we see what she does to stay under the radar in order to survive. Her old boss wants her to do one last mission – but should she trust him? She finds her prey, a schoolteacher who, she’s told, is suspected to release a deadly virus worldwide. His twin brother, a black ops type, shows up to rescue him. The 3 join forces and go into hiding on a Texas ranch guarded by a bunch of trained “super-dogs”. Reading how the story unfolds is a non-stop page-turner. I recommend this book highly, but start it only if you have nothing else to do, because you won’t want to put this book down!

We all wish you good health, plenty of laughter and quality time with those you hold dear.


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