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April 5, 2016

These weeks are flying by so fast, it is amazing!  Are you taking advantage of the days and relaxing and reading just a few more days before the busy days of summer that are just around the corner?  I, personally, haven't had much time to read the last two weeks due to spending time packing, so I am getting antsy about not reading.  It is one of the true joys of life to me.  Here's how you can keep up with the latest books if you don't get the New York Times newspaper.  Finley Library posts on a regular basis the best seller list from the NYT paper AND we mark the books that are on the shelves in Finley Library, both in the library and on Facebook.  Notice is taken of the best seller list when new large print books are ordered so that the library can keep up with what's popular out there.  Also if you are on Facebook be sure to like the Finley Library page so you will be kept up to date on what is happening there.  I am not on Facebook, but I can keep up just by going to Finley Public Library and checking it out!  If you have a computer, you can as well!

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Here's a couple reviews.

Shoot, Don't Shoot by J. A. Jance.   (PB) (Joanna Brady series #3)  (1995)  Newly elected sheriff Joanna Brady is on her way to a six week law officer's training class in Peoria, AZ.  She certainly needs the training having had no previous experience in law enforcement except through the eyes of her father and her husband--both lawmen.  There has been a murder in the county where she will attending classes and she intends to look into it a bit as there is a connection to folks under her jurisdiction.  When she arrives she finds there has been another, similar murder as the one she has an interest in.  Lots of creepy things are taking place at the school, but there seems to be nothing to connect to any wrong-doing.   During her "investigation" she meets "Butch", a man who will turn up in her life at a later time.  This is another good Joanna Brady mystery from a best-selling author who has written several other mystery series in her career, including the J. P. Beaumont series which takes place in Seattle, WA.  (Finley Library has this entire series as well.)  I like reading a series in order and it certainly allows me to "get to know" the characters well and in depth.   Recommended!

Phantom Prey by John Sandford.  (HC/LP)  (Prey or Lucas Davenport series #18)  (2008) Since this was written in 2008 I really thought I had to have read it, but after checking the shelves I found no other copy with my name in it--so I checked it out!  I am thinking it was a bit different theme for Sandford, but he has written 26 books in this series, so I would think he must become fairly imaginative to have each one different from the last!  A woman approaches her home from the garage and sees the door is ajar and the alarm system is off.  She realizes this is very wrong and goes back to her car to get her revolver.  She goes in carefully, but finds nothing amiss, but calls the police anyway.  While speaking to them she notices small blood smears among the flowered wallpaper.  Because she expected her daughter (who is into the Goth lifestyle) to be there, she becomes fearful something has happened to her when she cannot reach her.  Not really under his jurisdiction, Davenport becomes involved because this woman is a friend of his wife's.  He delves more into the Goth scene than the police had and comes  across a flighty gal nicknamed the "Fairy".  When several murders ensue and the daughter is not yet found, Davenport digs deeper.  Meanwhile there is a stake-out going on for a dope dealer that has been eluding the BCA for some time.  They are watching the girlfriend and she gives them quite the show while they are hoping her boyfriend, Iggy, will finally show up.  There is not much "down-time" in this book:  Davenport is jumping from murder to stake out and back again.  The result?  Very hard to put down!  But you know Davenport: he always gets his man!  Another Sandford winner!




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