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March 21, 2016

The weeks are flying by and before we know it it will be time for Finley Days and the annual Finley Library Open House and (perhaps) book sale at Finley Public Library.  It will still be on the Thursday of Finley Days in between the free dinner at Finley Motors and the free supper supplied by Citizens' State Bank at the Finley Auditorium.  There will be fun, food and fellowship, of course, so mark your calendars!  Looking at the temperature gauge and the trees outside, it seems a long ways off, but we must plan ahead in these busy times.  Meanwhile, remember that if you are still in a winter state of mind, there are several new books on the shelves of Finley Library and two of them are reviewed below.  Also two were reviewed last week and one the week before.  Though not every book I read and review is "new", I try to check them out and see how many may have read them before I do.  I especially try to read and review large print books that have never been checked out.  There may be a masterpiece out there that all of us are missing!  Meanwhile remember that Finley Library is open every Thursday from 6:30-8:00 pm and every Friday from 2:00-5:00 pm for your convenience.  For sure the Thursday librarian would like to see a couple folks come by and check out books so she won't feel so lonely!  Thursday hours are for those that work during the day and cannot make the afternoon time slot.  Also remember, if you have a parent or relative that needs large print books you can check them out under your name and they get to enjoy them!  That makes everyone happy!  Come in and check us out!

Here's a couple reviews:

Come Rain or Come Shine by Jan Karon.  (HC/LP) (Mitford series #11) (2015)  If you have not read the Mitford (Father Tim) series, you are missing out on one of the best--if not the best--inspirational series ever written.  Author Karon "finished" the series in 2005 with Light from Heaven, but found her readers wanting more about the people of Mitford.  So, in 2014 she wrote Somewhere Safe with Someone Good followed by this book in 2015, which chronicles the days leading up to and including the wedding of Dooley Kavenaugh, the adopted son of Father Tim, and Lace Harper.  The wedding begins as a simple, inexpensive affair held in the yard, but turns into quite a spectacle for all involved.  This  series has humor, romance, the love of God and an entire town of people who get sick, die, get in trouble, divorce, marry, complain and love, and it all revolves around Father Tim who is good to everyone and loved by all.  This latest book is a sweet treat for the mind and the soul!  I highly recommend you read this series of which Finley Library has every one.   If you've read the others, this one is next and very enjoyable!

Find Her by Lisa Gardner.  (HC/LP) (D. D. Warren series #8)  (2016) This is another taut tale of suspense from Lisa Gardner her readers and readers of Connelly, Sandford and Grisham won't want to miss.  In the first pages the reader hasn't a clue what is happening or where the book is going except that a young woman, Flora Dane, goes into a bar, drinks herself silly and lets herself be picked up by a strange man who seems to be a loser on the make.  Then she tells herself, "She deserves this."!  D. D. Warren, returning to active duty on the Boston Police Force after almost dying in a previous book, and who doesn't have a gun and is not supposed to even be on patrol for  that matter,  finds herself investigating the murder scene that follows because she is having a difficult time letting control pass from her hands.  Her conversation with the killer leaves much to be desired for the reader as well as for D. D.  Enter FBI Victims Advocate, Dr. Keynes, who informs Warren that the killer had been been kidnapped and held for 427 days, mostly in a pine box not large enough to turn or move in.  This title is all about survivors and monsters and, I guess, we all get to look inside ourselves to see what we would do in such a situation.


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