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January 29, 2016

Good morning.  Here's hoping that you are all enjoying a lovely day and the week to come.  If cold weather is keeping you indoors, remember that all you have to do is go by Finley Library and pick up a few books to keep you company and keep your mind occupied while waiting for Spring!

Have you ever read a book by Dick Francis or his son Felix?  I am quite the fan of this author.  His books are simple, about horse racing aspects, go fast and are always entertaining.  The library has his books in PB, HC/RP and HC/LP, so there is something for everyone.  Another popular author for mysteries is Harlan Coben.  He writes a series about Myron Bolitar, a sports agent and sometimes investigator that is always fun and interesting from a sports enthusiast point of view.  Jeffery Deaver is another mystery writer and writes the Lincoln Rhyme series which is much more intense and cryptic.  Since I am a fan of mysteries, I could name ten (or more) other authors of terrific mysteries, many of them series and everyone represented in Finley Library.

I have been looking at my favorite book site on-line,  They have a list of most popular authors--which for this site means those names most visited on the site.  Of the top ten eight are mystery writers, so you are in good company if you, too, like mysteries.  Six of the next ten are mystery writers and four are romance writers.  As you move down the list more romance writers' names show up and less mystery writers.  Each author has a brief bio and all the books they have written with publish dates, whether they are series, and a brief commentary on what they are about--usually what is on the book cover.  This is an well-kept site that avid readers might find interesting.  If you find a book or author that sounds new and different and/or interesting, you can always go to Finley Library's website and see if we have the book or author of interest. Our website is  .  Good hunting!

Here's a review:

The Broken Window by Jeffery Deaver.  (PB) (Lincoln Rhyme series #8) (2008)  Having recently read the first book in this series, The Bone Collector, I enjoyed this one all the more.  Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs are working together to solve crimes and Lincoln certainly has much to keep his mind occupied.  In this book his cousin Arthur is accused of some heinous crime and jailed with no bail.  He swears he didn't do it and Arthur's wife asks their estranged cousin, Lincoln, to look into it.  You will be amazed to read what is very likely going on in the United States and probably the world concerning the compilation of information on us as individuals.  Computers can know where we are 24/7!  Think not?  Your smart phone tells them with its GPS and your purchases and on-line shopping--even if you don't purchase items--tells them your preferences!  They know where you have been through credit cards and store video cameras!  This is "Big Brother" big time!  Deaver even has a note at the end of the book of other places on-line and/or books to read that will tell you more, and as he says the reader will be unnerved by what they learn, that is if they haven't been already by this very interesting book! 

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