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January 8, 2016


Good morning to you all from not so sunny California!  Today we are having rain and thunderstorms, but it is well needed!  Remember Finley Library will be open Thursday night and Friday afternoon this week and in the weeks to come.  Having the holidays occur on the Library's usually open days was different and won't happen again soon!  Be sure to rush over and get yourself some new and different books now that the holidays are over.  Here's a couple that might interest you...

Tombstone Courage by J. A. Jance.  (PB)  (Joanna Brady series #2)  (1994)  Joanna Brady works to be elected Sheriff of Cochise County, Arizona, after the murder of her Deputy Sheriff husband in book 1 by drug dealers.  Once elected she must prove herself to those who were for her and those opposing a female sheriff which includes many of her deputies!  A big trial is about to begin that pits two daughters against each other for the large land holdings of their father.  When he is found dead, the plot thickens.  One might think the land should go to the loyal daughter who stayed and helped her father run the ranch, but the prodigal daughter who went away and became somewhat successful also wants the ranch.  With their father dead they are both suspects for his death, however, and neither seems completely innocent of such thoughts.  J. A. Jance and Joanna Brady always deliver and this book is no different.  It is especially interesting finding out about her early life.  The library has many of this series in paperback and hard cover.  Just check the checkout card pocket for which number  it is in the series.

The Bone Collector by Jeffery Deaver.  (PB)  (Lincoln Rhyme series #1)  (1997)  Lincoln Rhyme became a quadriplegic on the job three or four years ago when an oak beam fell on him as he was checking a death scene after a fire/explosion.  He was a criminalist (CSI) for the New York City Police Department until this accident, but has now spent the last years just trying to strengthen his body and especially his lungs.  He is a forty-something year-old man who acts like an irascible old man (or a young spoiled child) set in his ways and at the mercy of his situation.  (Do not let this fool you!  The reader will be surprised at what he is able to do, I think.)  He now reclines in a special bed that helps fight against bed sores and pneumonia.  His main problem is that he is bored and wants to die.  (In fact he has his death planned out right down to the last detail.)  Then a new serial killer comes on the scene--one that causes Rhyme to think and work hard to foil him.  A patrol cop, Amelia Sachs, finds the first body and does such a great job preserving the crime scene that Rhyme gets her to be his legs on the scenes that come up--set-ups by the killer that can allow the discovery of the victim before they are dead if the clues left the killer leaves at the previous crime are figured out and followed correctly.  This is a wonderful police procedural, but with clues left that talk about the history of New York City.  I highly recommend this one!  There are many of this series in Finley Library as well, in paperback and hard cover.
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