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December 6, 2015

Finley Public Library is in existence today because a housewife, Addie Nash,  a member of the Progressive Homemakers in 1940, thought that it would be a good idea to become a member of the Literary Book Club by mail, order books and charge ten cents to share them with others in Finley.  The first "library" was located in the Hutson-Eide store.  (For further information on our history and photos go to Finley Public Library's website at 

We are now located at 302 Broadway just across from the northern most grain elevators in Finley and have over 7,000 books available to be checked out. They include large and regular print books, paperbacks, audio books (DVDs), children's books  and reference books.  Finley Library is very complete for an all volunteer library running through the good will and upkeep of the City of Finley and through book and monetary donations and memorials from readers and patrons.  The large print section has hundreds of books both fiction and non-fiction including reference, westerns, inspirational, romance, mystery, humor and classics. We also have a large selection of paperbacks. Other areas of interest are our selection of westerns--including classic western authors such as Zane Grey, which are located in the reference room as are all our other reference books.  We have a selection of Science Fiction, war books--both fiction and non-fiction, North Dakota subject books--mostly on North Dakota's heritage, but also some on more recent times.  

There are now seven dedicated Library Board members/librarians along with four other volunteer librarians.  We are pleased to note that one laptop computer was donated with the idea in mind of inventorying our books.  Nearly completed, you will find a list of inventoried books on our website (see above).  More recently the library has been donated a copier, printer, scanner for our use, and soon, hopefully, for the use of the public (for a small fee).  Coming in a few weeks will be another donated laptop computer that we are planning to allow our patrons to access.  That should happen some time in 2016.

For the last several years the Finley Library has held an Open House and book sale during Finley Days, which is generally held the second week of June.  Our Open House/Book Sale is held the Thursday of that week.  We use the proceeds from the book sales to buy more large print books for the library.  Last year we held a book sale in the Citizen's State Bank Building and used that money to purchase more large print books.  We also have a "book shelf" of paperback books  in the waiting area of Finley Motors that may be used by those waiting for their vehicles.  A donation may be left for purchased books or books enjoyed while waiting.

Any resident of Steele County may use the library.  Our open hours are Thursdays from 6:30-8:00pm, and Fridays from 2:00-5:00pm.  Visit us on FaceBook at Finley Public Library  or at our website at

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