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November 20, 2015

Finally received the large print books we ordered a month and a half ago!  They should be on the shelves when the library is open this week.  They include Make Me by Lee Childs. (Jack Reacher series #20); Nightingale by Kristin Hannah; Speaking in Bones by Kathy Reichs. (Temperance Brennan series #18); Hope to Die by James Patterson. (Alex Cross series #22); and The Devil Wins by Reed Farrel Coleman. (Jesse Stone series #14).  Silver Linings by Debbie Macomber  (Rose harbor series #4) is on back order, but hopefully should be here soon.

If you are interested in magazines, the library receives several including ND Outdoors, and Web MD.  There are tables you may sit at while you read these magazines and enjoy a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate which is available in the library again now the weather is getting cold.  The library is always nice and warm!  : )

Here's a couple reviews:

Miss Julia Throws a Wedding by Ann B. Ross.  (HC/RP)  (Miss Julia series #3)  (2002)  Miss Julia is quite the lady, but don't get in her way as she steams toward "the way things should be."  She is vocal in all her opinions and has an opinion on most everything!  That doesn't mean she can't or won't change, because she does and it is fun to watch it happen.  This time she finds out her boarder, Deputy Coleman Bates and attorney Binkie (I love that name!) Enloe plan to marry.  Miss Julia takes the reins and plans an impressive wedding, but things keep going wrong--the church is already busy for the planned date, the pastor is out of the country and the assistant pastor is not "reliable", they need music and it is too late to send out "engraved invitations"!  The week speeds by, but Miss Julia, Lillian, Hazel Marie and Sam manage to put on a wedding never to be seen again in their little town.  This is a fun, laugh-out-loud book with some serious undertones of "modern life".  I think the entire series would be fun to read.  The library has nine of this series--including this one--mostly in HC/RP with one or two in HC/LP.

Run Silent, Run Deep by Commander Edward L. Beach, USN (now deceased in 2002).  (HC/RP) (1955)  Perhaps you read this book when it came out sixty years ago.  I didn't, but I may have seen the movie, although the movie seems to shed a different light on the story.  If that was your experience I recommend you read this book now!  The first one-third may seem a bit dry and slow, but if you read it in the light of this is how a part of the greatest generation was trained to go out into the war, I think you will have entirely different feelings about reading it.  The rest of the book is jam-packed with action:  Chasing boats trying to sink them, chasing other subs, being bombarded by depth charges, not having the fired torpedoes react as they are should.  Once the torpedo leaves the sub everyone knows where you are!  It is, therefore, even harder to get away if the torpedo does not explode and sink the target which may then come after you!  Not being a fan of being in or under water, I cannot imagine how these men felt, except maybe times one hundred!  This is a classic of its time and a classic still today.  Read it before?  Some books deserve a second reading.  Remember, the man who wrote this book was a submarine captain himself and lived through many such experiences, perhaps even these.  In sub warfare as in writing, experience is the important ingredient and this author had it.  Such a good book!

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