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November 06, 2015

Well, the monsters, dragons, princesses and other children in costume paraded by the library on Friday and received their share of the goodies from our on-duty librarian.  She said it was great fun to see them all, but wished we had been there earlier with our cameras!  Still, the holiday is for them, not us, and we were glad they were able to "paint the town" Halloween colors!

We have been having some problems with our large print book club deliveries and do not understand why it is happening.  The order we sent in at the end of September with so many good and up-to-date book titles was never received they said--this after we waited three weeks to get them before we contacted them.  I am relating this because I am sure that faithful readers  have been wondering why we haven't received the books I noted in this column at that time.  Believe me, we are disappointed as well!  Now that we have re-ordered, we find one of the books is backordered and so that will be another long wait.  We are so sorry for the inconvenience to you, our readers.  One of the reasons we belong to this club is so we can get large print books as they are published rather than have to wait for them to come to the stores or Amazon.  That is what the club advertizes--that their large print books are available earlier than anyplace else.  Lately, however, they have not been living up to their hype!

We still have paperback books at Finley Motors and will continue to do so as long as Mr. Christian will allow us to do so and they are used/purchased by the customers there.  The donations received there help us to purchase more large print books and are very appreciated as are the donated books we have been receiving from Bill Devlin and other generous donors like him.  The Library board thanks all of you!  

Just took a look at the New York times Best Seller List  and the library has five of the books on the list.  (This list is posted in the library--with the books we have in the library noted--every month--if not more often--for those of you interested.)  We have All the Light You Cannot See, Go Set a Watchman, The Girl on the Train, After You and Foreign Affairs.  Also if you went--like us--to see the movie, The Martian, in Cooperstown this weekend, I think you will want now to read the book if you haven't already.  Though it was a good and exciting movie, the book explains in more detail the things the movie didn't have time or was  unable to really describe and flesh out.  Did you know that the library has the first four books in the A Song of Fire and Ice (Game of Thrones) series?  There are five in the series and now author George R. R. Martin is adding to the collection by writing prequels to the series.  For example A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms is on the NYT best Seller list now and it has three prequels to the series.  Also, this series has a fantastic and fanatical audience on HBO on TV.  I don't think it has ever been checked out from our library!  Come in and check us out!

Here's a couple of reviews of books on the "New Arrivals" shelves:

Rock with Wings by Anne Hillerman.  (HC/RP)  (Leaphorn, Chee and Manuelito series #2)  (2015)   It is great to be able to read a continuation of some of the characters invented by author Tony Hillerman--and a few new ones to boot--through his daughter, Anne.  Her books seem to continue the "Indian Way" type of writing her father used, but to me, she takes the time to explain more about what and why the Native American characters are saying, reacting and doing what they do in the book.  For me that makes it all the more interesting.  There is a lot going on in this novel--probably just as there would be in a week's work for two Navajo Tribal Police and their mentor, Joe Leaphorn, who is still recovering from the gunshot wound to the head he received in the first book to the series, Spider Woman's Daughter, which the library also has.  There is a movie crew filming in Monument Valley and Jim Chee is sent there to "keep track" of what is going on and look for a "missing" member of the crew.  His wife, Bernie Manuelito, is going along as well for a well deserved vacation, but plans quickly change when recent incidents near their town of Shiprock need further investigation and Bernie's mother need some special care.  This novel is a fairly slow moving police procedural that has many "endings" but the actual finale is quite action-packed!  Personally, I enjoyed Rock with Wings (which refers to the Navajo name for the great Ship Rock we have seen in so many movies--westerns especially) very much.

Dance of the Bones by J. A. Jance.  (HC/RP)  (Brandon Walker series #5) (J. P. Beaumont series #22)  (2015)  Forty years ago Detective Brandon Walker (now retired) was the arresting officer in Pima County, Arizona, in the murder of Amos Warren by John Lassiter, Warren's protégé, even though Warren's body was not found at the time.  Now, some forty years later, his remains have been found, and because Lassiter has turned down a "deal" to be freed with time served if he agrees to admit he did the killing, Walker and others in The Last Chance (TLC)--a group of former police, lawyers and others connected with crime which had been formed to work cold case files throughout the United States--are called in to check it all out.  When witnesses are re-interviewed, one is found to have been killed in Seattle in the same way as Warren.  Enter J. P. Beaumont who is no longer working for the Seattle Police Department  and is rather at loose ends.  Working together, Walker and Beaumont find things in the murder case were not exactly as the "witnesses" said they were during the original trial.  Some good action and cold cases are always interesting to me.  Jance is good as always!  Also good to see Beaumont back in the books...

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