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October 23, 2015

Good morning!  Looks like a great week ahead of us, maybe even some rain.  At least no snow as yet!  That does not keep me from wrapping up in a warm blanket while I sit and read, however.  Still, if I get too warm and cozy I tend to get too sleepy, so it is a difficult balance!  Haha!  I did spend some time on Saturday reading through a new book that was purchased and donated to the library by Gay Frojen, Tumbleweed Feed and Gopher Trapping for Pocket Money: tales from the good old days in Southeast and South Central North Dakota.  While reading I came across stories from folks in Hope, Mayville and other towns close by.  There is is also a story by Finley's own Pat Milton!  (Now there may be others, but I only read so far, so if I left out your name, I am sorry!)  It is a fun read.  We will have  it at the library this week, but for once I will say that if you are interested in such books that you really should purchase this one yourself--it is a keeper and will take days, weeks, months to read.  I think we will keep it in the library for a time--not checked out so that interested folks can peruse it to see if they want to buy it.  Come in and check it out!

Several nice people have donated a bunch of books--paperback and hard cover and a few large print as well!  That  is exciting, since the library did not have several of them and three large print have been added.  Here are a few of the paperbacks:  "B" is for Burglarby Sue Grafton, Montana Bride by Joan Johnston, Devil's Corner by Lisa Scottoline, Vegas Sunrise by Fern Michaels and two by Nora Roberts with two titles in one book of her old silhouette stories, California Dreams and I can't remember the second.  There is also a new copy of An Unfinished Life:  John Kennedy (1917-1963) by Robert Dallek.   There are still quite a few that have not yet been inventoried as well.   Finley Library is so blessed to have so many patrons and readers that donate to our cause.  We would be a tiny little place without the donated books and monies that YOU have donated over the years!  Thank you!!!

Here's a couple reviews:

Julia's Mother by William Bonadio, M.D.  (HC/RP) (NF) (2000)  Bonadio, now sixty and still practicing medicine at Children's Hospital in St. Paul, MN, is a pediatric emergency room doctor.  He chose pediatrics because it was difficult for him to reconcile that most adults patient's health problems he treated as an intern and resident were caused by the patient themselves.  He felt that children are generally blameless if they have health problems, although he has treated many cases of teens over-dosing or attempting suicide.  He doesn't mention why he chose emergency room medicine that I recall, but he does talk about being there at the onset of problems--the first to see the patient.  There are several anecdotal stories referring to his experiences in the ER.  The title reference is the first story and also the last.  A six year-old girl is hit by a car as she crosses the street going to school.  She does not recover and he is the one that must tell the mother who has not seen the child since she sent her off to school.  Another story that stayed with me was the story of a a fourteen year-old teen that took too many acetaminophen tablets to get back at her mother.  Luckily, she threw up most of it, but because these tablets can cause liver damage, the teen had to go through the paces for suicide attempts and have her stomach pumped, cleaned with saline water and then had to drink a charcoal concoction that would gather any remaining pill crumbs and flush them out through the intestines.  This included a large tube inserted down the throat.  She was conscious at the time.  This is a quick read and very interesting.

Catch Me by Lisa Gardner.  (HC/LP) (D. D. Warren series #6)  (2012)  D. D. Warren has changed now that she has a baby.  She may even succumb to getting married to her long time beau, Alex.  She is cutting back on her time at work and MAYBE even presenting a softer, gentler side to her co-workers.  (Maybe!)  Pedophiles are being killed in Boston, however, and although she she sees why someone might want them gone, she is still very much against vigilantism in her town!  Then she finds out through a contact in the Special Victims Unit that some of the pedophiles have set up a web-site that entices young teens into their world by making it seem like a real thrill--and not as victims, but as abusers!  Then a young woman comes to her saying she just has a few days left before she is killed!  D. D.'s hunch is that somehow these things are all connected.  As the date closes in, D. D. spends her time trying to solve that mystery before the killer succeeds again.  But how to go about it and why is this woman being pursued???  Aspects of this book are totally terrifying if you have a young child, but I would argue your need to understand what is out there as well.  All this and a page-turner, besides!

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