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October 2, 2015

Another week under our belts along with all those veggies we've been harvesting from the garden.  I just bet there were lots of goodies as well!  Which makes me think about sitting and having a cup of tea or coffee and some nice cookies/bars/cake/pie or home-made zucchini bread and a good book!  You knew it would all come back to books, didn't you?  Finley Library has so-o-o-o  many good ones to read.  Just think of all the goodies you could have!  We just posted the new New York Times Best Seller List and the library has five of those on the list on our shelves in a new section that promotes the best sellers we own.  They are on one of the shelves with the new arrivals and duly signed to be easily found.  Also we have just ordered three more from that best seller list in large print.  You know the library board is only able to do this because of the generous donations of our readers.  Large print books have gone up in price.  They were less than $20 a couple years ago.  Now the new books by authors many of us enjoy are coming out at $25 each, so that is one less book we can purchase for our $100--was five, now only four.  Though the city is generous to let us use their building for free and folks have been good about giving recent and clean books to the library, the large print book are only purchased with your donated dollars.  Do you have some sort of remembrance you wish to give for, such as a birthday, an anniversary, the passing of a friend or relative?  Another way is to give to the library in lieu of a Christmas gifts.  We all have too much stuff and this is a good way for many to benefit from one gift.  Think about it.  All donations are deeply appreciated by the staff, the board AND especially by our readers! 

Here's  a couple reviews:

Marked for Mercy by Alton Gansky.  (HC/LP)  (Ridgeline series #1)  (1998)  If you like mysteries and also inspirationally themed books, then you may enjoy this book written by a retired Baptist minister who is also a prolific writer of Christian Fiction and non-fiction.  Gates McClure is a general practice doctor in her small hometown of Ridgeline, CA.  She, there, meets again, after ten years, one of her study partners (and secret admirer) from Medical School, Doctor Norman Meade.  The circumstances, however, are NOT so neutral, however.  Meade has become a celebrity--much to his dismay--because he assists terminally ill patient with their own suicide.  Gates is completely against his entire program, ethically and religiously, though she is drawn to him as a friend in need and a potential mate. When information is published concerning Gate's past and her connection with Meade, bad things begin to happen to her.  Patients begin to cancel appointments, but that is nothing compared to what is coming.  The dialogue includes an in-depth discussion between Gates and her pastor and Gates and Doctor Meade on the positive versus negative sides of physician-assisted suicide.  An interesting read on many levels that I would recommend.  (This book is shelved with large print inspirational in the main room.)


Dakota by Martha Grimes.  (HC/RP)  (Andi Oliver series #2)  (2008)  (I picked out this book because I have read several of Martha Grimes' Richard Jury series.  When I found it was not that series, but took place in North Dakota, I thought I would try it.)  Martha Grimes is famous for her Richard Jury series of which there are now twenty-three.  Andi Oliver is her third series, but I had no knowledge of it until someone nicely donated this book.  Andi Oliver is a young woman of twenty with no past--at least not one she remembers.  Evidently in the first book of the series she suffered some traumatic event that left her with shards of memories and--now--knowledge--fitfully--of the last two years.  She makes up her past as it is needed, but mostly she is a vagabond who is on her way to somewhere, but is taking the back roads of America to get there.  Meanwhile, she likes to save animals that are being mistreated.  People who meet her love her and there is a wide variety of people in this book who do--including an author of western novels, a worker at the local industrial pig factory and the local sheriff.  There are quite a few who don't her as well--those that thought she was a threat to their livihood or manhood and those whose animal handling practices she was out to change.  I often read large segements of books to Howie while in the car.  This  one was a bit "out there" for his taste, though that didn't keep him from wanting to be informed of what was happening along the way!  I thoroughly enjoyed Andi's "take no prisoners" attitude.  By the end of the book--or even before the end--I wanted to go out there and keep those factory pig farms out of North Dakota!  If you read it, I think you will as well.  It is also neat because it all takes place in ND--just west of Bismarck.

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