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August 25, 2015

Though on a day like today I have no good excuse for reading a book, it does look like we might have some more rain tomorrow and that means finding something to do inside!  We at the library certainly hope you stop by this week and chose a few books to "get you through"!  Here's a quick sketch of what we have to offer at the library for your convenience:  paperback books, regular print books, and large print books; mysteries, romance, westerns, suspense, espionage, thrillers, humor, true crime, science fiction, war-based fiction and non-fiction, history, travel, cookbooks, craft books, do-it-yourself books, inspirational fiction and non-fiction, animal books--wild and domesticated, politics, presidents and their wives, children, youth and young adult books which includes quite a few in the genre of both Harry Potter and vampires.  These types of books are broken down into sections to make it easier for our readers to chose what they want.  Please come in and check us out on Thursdays from 6:30-8:00 PM and Fridays from 2:00-5:00 PM.  Plus, there are books to read or purchase at Finley Motors during their open hours.  You may always check us out on Face Book at Finley public library and on the world wide web at where you may find information about books we have including these articles and reviews as published in the Steele County Press!  Questions?  You may call me at 524-2766.  We aim to please our readers just as you please us when you stop in and select books for yourself and your family.  Reading is a privilege of which we need to take full advantage!

Here's a couple reviews:

Every Fifteen Minutes by Lisa Scottolini.  (HC/RP)  (2015)  There are still so many stigmas connected to mental health problems.  We are often afraid to let ourselves be friendly or "there" for a relative or friend with a known mental illness--even depression.  Every 15 Minutes speaks to obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) in a graphic way, but in the background there is a sociopath (Think Ted Bundy.) which you "meet" on the first page.  This person wants something and will stop at nothing to get it!  Every few chapters the reader again meets this sociopath, but neither the reader nor the main character, Dr. Eric Parrish--"a brilliant and caring" psychiatrist, know who it is.  Dr. Parrish, at first the hospital's "golden boy", becomes a pariah because he will not give privileged information concerning his patient to the police who think may he be the culprit in a murder. Then a sexual harassment case and patient being mistreated case are brought against Dr. Parrish, and his patient acts out in a dangerous way in a mall.  Meanwhile, in the background, the sociopath is rubbing his hands together and enjoying it all.  Author Scottolini takes a break from her usual Rosato and Associates series in this book.

Deal Breaker by Harlan Coben.  (PB)  (Myron Bolitar series #1)  (1995)  Though I have read several of Coben's books, this is only the second I have read (I think!) in this series and I enjoyed it.  Bolitar is just getting started in the sports agent business and is about to sign a quarterback out of college that is a football phenomena.   The team owners are playing hardball (and dirty) and bringing up anything that will have a detrimental effect on the contract negotiations.  Bolitar has a varied background from being a sports phenomena himself, to cop, to FBI agent, and now sports agent.  Therefore, when his ex-girlfriend comes to town saying her sister and her father were murdered, not just missing and a suicide/accident as the police claim, Bolitar steps in along with his friend, accountant, business manager and all around "fixer", Windsor Lockwood (AKA Win).  The reader sees right away that the world of sports is not particularly a "clean business", but when pornography enters the picture things really get icky.  All around this book is a great introduction to Bolitar and what the reader can expect of the series to come.  Coben is a terrific writer of  crime/murder/mystery novels.

Silver Chief, Dog of the North by Jack O'Brien.  (HC/RP) (Youth) (1933)  Silver Chief, half dog and half wolf, is born in the upper reaches of Canada and taught in the ways of the wild by his dog mother, Dee.  When she is killed long-range by a Native American with a rifle, Chief never forgets, but is able to rebuild his life as a loner because his mother taught him so well.  He knows every trick of man and of hunting.  When Canadian Mounted Policeman, Sergeant Jim Thorpe, hears about and then sees Silver Chief, he wants him for his own.  The capture, taming and life with Chief guides the rest of the story.  Chief's talents and commitment to Jim are proven on a long march through the North in winter with a captured thief.  Jim is wounded badly in the leg during the capture and must ride the sled rather than stand and guide it.  Keeping the thief corralled, himself awake and the dogs from dying of exhaustion makes for an interesting and suspenseful and recommended book!

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