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August 7, 2015

Since so much space has been spent the last couple weeks on library "news", I thought this week that I would spend more time on "reviews" and let you in on several books I have enjoyed reading in the last few weeks.  I do so enjoy working at the library, but my favorite part is the reading and writing of reviews.  I certainly hope that you enjoy them as well!  It does my heart good when someone comes in and says they wanted a book that they had seen a review of in the Press.  Thank you for your kind comments and keep those donations coming!  Remember we are here to serve you, our readers.  Thanks to all of you that come in for books and audio CDs--we would not be here without you!

Here's a couple reviews: 

Mercy Kill by Lori Armstrong. (HC/RP) (Mercy Gunderson series #2) (2011)  Mercy Gunderson is back and just as feisty as ever.  Her PTSD is getting some better, but she has really slacked off on her drinking due to her new job as a bartender at Clementine's.  Even so, she is still finding dead bodies and is beginning to think that her soul really IS a death magnet as one of her Native American friends has told her after he had a vision. Election for sheriff is coming up and Mercy is asked to run against Sheriff Dawson who she has been secretly seeing.  Voting time is getting closer as well on the oil pipeline from Canada to Louisiana as proposed by Titan Oil Company and Mercy is still against the entire concept.  Jason Hawley, her friend and a man who saved her life in Afghanistan, shows up in town as a spokesman for the pipeline.  Though she still considers him her friend and mentor, that does not change her mind about the pipeline.  When he is killed, Mercy is shocked, and then surprised to see another old friend from her sniper days, Jason's ex-girlfriend, show up for his funeral. Mercy is happy to see her and welcomes her into her home.  Mercy becomes angry with Sheriff Dawson because he is dragging his feet with the solving of Hawley's death, so Mercy and her friend try to find out what is going on in the investigation.   On the other hand, none of these incidents are helping Mercy heal--there is too much happening and she cannot get her head on straight.  She knows she is on her way to her destiny, but doesn't know what it is--rancher? drunk? bartender? sheriff?  Read and see...

The Wrong Girl by Hank Phillipe Ryan.  (HC/LP)  (Jane Ryland series #2)  (2013)  For those of us that prefer a "cleaner" mystery, here's the book for us!  Though this could NOT be called a cozy mystery, it is somewhere in between "cozies" and realistic murders.  I enjoyed it and was always happy to be able to pick it up again!  Jane Ryland is a newspaper reporter and her beat is crime.  She is also kinda wild about the police detective that acts as her source at the police department.  However, there is an unwritten law (at least in this book) that says no hanky-panky between source and reporter.  Jane, with her friend Tuck, is in the middle of trying to find her birth mother.  Meanwhile , and coincidently, Jane's source, Detective Jake Brogan, is trying to find the motive for the death of a foster mother and figure out what to do with her two children--or  is that three children?  In the name of "doing the right thing" people  become involved in--and with--unsavory events and people.  Child services is not an easy job in any case, but unscrupulous people--as in all things--can foul the situation even more...

Lad, a Dog by Albert Payson Terhune.  (HC/RP) (NF) (Youth) (1919)  While working in the children's room and gathering the dog books together, one of our librarians, Eunice, said she remembered reading this book years ago and really loved it.  After reading it myself I can see why.  In the beginning the language seemed a bit stilted and maybe a bit overblown, but when I remembered that it was written in 1919, I understood why and, really, the language style fades into the background as you become engrossed in the plot, the dog and his relationship with his owner/master.  There is certainly--for me--something about reading about an animal that is stress-releasing and relaxing.  Lad was a magnificent creature, adored by his mistress and master and the ruler of all he surveyed.  All he had to do was be himself and life shined for all.  Such is the extent  of love and trust a man and a dog can share.  Each chapter is a tale in and of itself, but always with Lad as the centerpiece.  I was reading along enjoying his sundry adventures when I finally realized this is a true story!  Lad was real--as were his adventures and his relationship with his master who is the book's author. This is a very old book, but so worth the read!  You don't even have to be a dog lover to enjoy it!  Just enjoy the writing, the words, the times and the fact that Lad and his master, Mr. Terhune, really lived and loved each other.  All that is part and parcel of this lovely book.


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