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July 31, 2015

These hot, humid days are not my cup of tea, but once again they give me a good excuse to read! If you have been staying in I hope you have had a good book to enjoy as well.  Some nice people have been donating some of their books to the library in recent days and we appreciate them and the books!  Bill Devlin  donated two new ones, Code of Conduct by Brad Thor (HC/RP) (Scot Horvath series #14) (2015) and The English Spy by Daniel Silva (HC/RP) (Gabriel Allon series #15) (2015).  Here's a brief description of first Code of Conduct:  Counterterrorism operative, Scot Horvath, faces the deadliest assignment of his career when he takes on a secret committee with powerful connections that threatens life as we know  it...A thriller!  Next The English Spy:  Another terrorism thriller ...this time the target is a member of British royalty who is killed by a bomb made by paid assassin, Eamon Quinn.  Helping Allon on this assignment is former British commando, Christopher Keller.  Several PB were donated from an unknown nice person--Evidence and Therapy by Jonathan Kellerman; Wildfire, The General's Daughter and By the Rivers of Babylon by Nelson DeMille.  Also by DeMille , The Lion (HC/RP) (John Corey series #5) (2010). And two by Robert Ludlum--The Scorpio Illusion (HC/RP) (1993) and The Hades Factor (with Gayle Lynds) (PB/RP) (Covert-One series #1) (2001).  Thanks to these two donators and the ones from last week as well!

Remember we now have an area  for newly arrived paperbacks in the "office" just in front of the desk on the east wall.  All the large print books are now shelved together alphabetically with the exception of non-fiction, inspirational and westerns.  These three genre are in the shelving facing the window in the main room and widely signed.  There is also a "Recently Reviewed" shelf just under the window in the main room.  Newly arrived hard cover--large print and regular print--books are just to your left as you step into the main room.  New arrivals stay on the newly arrived shelves for  two months and then are shelved appropriately--large print with large print, regular print with regular print and paperbacks with paperbacks.  Also we continue to have paperback books at Finley Motors which you may enjoy while you wait for your vehicle.  If you become interested in a particular book, you may also take the book home with you.  Monetary donations are always helpful!

Have you been in the Reference Room lately?  In there are shelved science-fiction, true crime and war stories in hard cover and paperback.  There are westerns in paperback and older westerns in hard cover on the bottom two shelves  on the window wall to the south.  In fact, that entire south wall is covered with books about the west--fiction and non-fiction!  The east wall has books about North Dakota along with books about crafts, cookbooks, gardening and humorous books.  Further to you left facing the wall are books covering every war from the Revolutionary War to Afghanistan.  This room is a treasure trove of non-fiction books!

Here's a review:

Deeper than the Dead by Tami Hoag.  (HC/LP)  (Oak Knoll series #1)  (2008)  I enjoyed the writing in this book.  The plot includes many bad people and events, but the writing moved the story along nicely and made me want to keep reading--not all authors have that ability!  The story line was set in California near Santa Barbara in 1985--that was before most people had cell phones, computers or anything technological and that was an interesting aspect.  Anne Navarre is a fifth grade teacher in a suburban town where there is little crime, but when four of her students--literally--fall on a dead body the action takes off!  Local police/sheriffs work the crime, but when they realize there are several other murders nearby of the same type, they send to the FBI for a profiler from that fledgling department.  The man that comes, Vince Leone, is good at what he does and the story moves on.  The killer is caught as one might expect, but what happens in between gets gruesome.  This is a series and I felt appropriate pangs of wanting to know what happened to some of the characters--for example, the children that found the first body and how they were affected by that event and other events that followed. We have ordered the second book in the series, Secrets to the Grave and the library has #3 in the series, Down the Darkest Road which I read out of sequence and didn't feel like I missed anything... 

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