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July 3, 2015

Since we have gone through all the hard cover regular print (HC/RP) books and all the paperbacks (PB) purging older books and those with teensy tiny printing, shelved all the hard cover large print (HC/LP)  books together with the exception of westerns, inspirational, non-fiction and classics, the next place of work  is the children's room.  We so seldom see school age children and that is too bad, except we know that the school library is OUTSTANDING!  That saves us from too much concern, but now it is summer and there is no school library available, so we are hoping to see children of all ages come in to get books.  With that in mind we have been purging books from the shelves in the children's room and re-arranging them in what we hope will be a better arrangement for choosing books.  We have several different printing of the classics like Tuck Everlasting, Black Beauty andCharlotte's Web that would allow just about about every level of reader to enjoy these and other great classic books that the library has.  So come in and check the stories out!  Parents bring your children or if they are older send them down.  While going through the books we were amazed at the variety of types there are among these books.  We found fantasy (and not just Harry Potter!), westerns (for all age and reader levels), mysteries, humorous stories, adventure stories for both boys and girls--wouldn't it be fun to read about being a young boy of twelve (or even less!) who worked on a sailing ship?  A girl who strove to be a downhill skier?  A teen who saw some problems in his small town and worked to fix them?  Another type book deals with relationships--between families, between friends, boy/girl relationships--they are all there.  These books are mostly for school age children and teens, but we also have many picture books for little kids and stories that can be read by parents to your children.  There are also those books that can entertain a child for hours like Cam Jansen, Amelia Bedelia and The Golden Filly series.  Parents, we would love to see your children come to the library, check out a couple books, enjoy them and come back for more.  We know there are many parents out there that read and we are hoping that together we will help our children here in Finley and the surrounding area become readers as well! 

Also remember if you are at Finley Motors waiting for your car to be repaired, there are books there to buy to take home or read while there.  Donations to the library are always appreciated--the donation/purchase container is on the top of the book carousel. 

We at the library hope you and yours have a phenomenal fourth with family and friends and all the trimmings!  Be sure to remember to stop by on Thursday (6:30-8 PM) and Friday (2-5 PM) for something to read when you need a quiet moment alone amidst all the festivities.   We all need a bit of "down time" even when it seems all fun!

Here's  a review:

Bones Never Lie by Kathy Reichs.  (HC/RP)  (Temperance Brennan series #17)  (2014)  if you have been watching "Bones" on TV like I have of late, please don't expect (like I did) the "book" Temperance" to be like the "TV" Temperance--at least personality-wise.  The "book" Temperance is more "out there" in that she doesn't (at least not in this book--the only one I have read) have Booth, the FBI agent, to keep up with and to pester her (though there are several others that might fit into Booth's role or already have).  However, this was a good and interesting read--and complicated.  Her case begins as a cold case of a murdered child, but when another child is murdered Tempe comes to realize that it looks like the same murderer that escaped her and Detective Andrew Ryan, whom she'd worked  with on the case years before.  However, when Ryan's daughter died, he went incognito, disappearing from his job and his friends.  First she must get him to return and work together with her to find this child killer that escaped them once before.  There is some travel to Canada as that is where the first child was killed, but also Vermont and North Carolina, of course, so there are many jurisdictions which makes things even more complicated and leads to several surprises along the way--surprises I never expected... 

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