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April 3, 2015

Just want to remind everyone that there is a book sale going on right now in the lobby (to the right as you enter the doors) of Citizen's State Bank!  Thank you to the bank and the other businesses housed there for allowing us to do this!  All proceeds will go toward the purchase of new books for Finley Public Library, so that makes it a win-win situation.  We have more room for new books and you, the reader, will have more new books from which to choose.   We are thinking that there has to be a book or twenty that you will want to have to read or perhaps an old favorite that you never purchased.  Here's your chance!  Also, you really need to check us out at Finley Public Library on FaceBook.  Kelsey has added lots of new photos and information--things it would be helpful for you to know about your library.  Another reminder--we have almost 100 new books from the North Dakota State Library and they are all in large print--a good thing for anyone who likes to read. And speaking of reading, do you Have an overdue book checked out?  We have just sent out notices on FaceBook pages and called others who may not be on line.  Do us a favor and return the books you have before they get lost in the shuffle.  It happens easily and the longer they lay around in our houses, or cars the easier it is to lose them.  I know!  Is it too early to mention we will have an Open House on June 11, during Finley Days???  Okay, I won't mention it again for at least a month!  have a good Easter Holiday week and be sure to come in and check us out.  we will be open our regular hours on Thursday and Friday.
Only one review this week, folks, since we had so much news...

Hell Gate by Linda Fairstein.  (HC/RP)  (Alexandra Cooper series #12)  (2010)  Hell Gate is a notorious tidal straight on the eastern side of Long island.  Many ships and lives have been lost there over the 300+ years of New York City's history.  It is a lovely area with a park and Gracie Mansion, the home of New York City's Mayor.  Plus, you can see to the east the borough of Queens.  In this book of the Alexandra Cooper series (She an NYC ADA working with the Special Victim's Unit of the NYC Police Department.), we are led through the particularly horrible criminal area of human trafficking--both the area of slave labor and sexual slavery--by the author who was herself Chief of the NYC Sex Crimes Unit for over twenty years.  The story opens with a boat sinking in the Hell Gate tidal straight.  On the boat are over 100 young women and men brought to this country for the purpose of human trafficking.  Most of them drown.  Among the victims is one women that none of the survivors can identify.  On her upper thigh is a small tattooed red rose.  Then another woman is killed nearby and she also has the rose tattoo.  It is a known fact among police that those who have a large group of women used  for sex slavery tattoo the women that "work" for them.  Each "owner" has their own distinctive tattoo. The question Alex Cooper and her police peers must answer is who is the "owner" of these murdered women and who brought the others to America.  A good story with lots of history about the area--an aspect I really like about author Fairstein's books.
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