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March 09, 2015

With the onset of this warm weather, spring seems to be on everyone's mind and it is no different here at the library!  We are doing spring cleaning and sweeping out many older books to make room for all the new ones we have received over the last few months from North Dakota State Library (NDSL)--all in large print (LP)!  While going through the books deciding which to take off the shelves I have noticed so many books that seem like they would be just great to read.  For example, we have nearly every David Baldacci book ever written.   Also Stuart Woods, Jeffery Deaver, Dean Koontz, Dale Brown, Tom Clancy, Dick Francis, and Clive Cussler!  There are many by J. A. Jance, Iris Johansen,  Danielle Steel, Catherine Coulter, Sandra Brown and Stephanie Meyer.  While taking books off the shelves, I have also been checking for series.  If there is no series, that is written on the book pocket.  If there is a series the name of the series and the number in that series is written on the pocket--so  you will know when you get home--and on the check out card so we at the library will know which one is out.  Not every series is complete in one area of the library, however.  If you really want to read a series as a series, you would do well to check in all the areas of the library--regular print (RP), large print (LP) and paperback (PB). Though most of our readers seem to prefer large print, there is an option of choices.  We do not have duplicates between regular print (RP) and large print (LP) due to space limitations, but a title might be duplicated in paperback (PB)!  Come in and check us out!

Here's a couple reviews:

Slay-Ride by Dick Francis.  (HC/LP) (NDSL) (1973)  David Cleveland, chief investigator for the Britain's Jockey Club, has been called to Oslo, Norway, to check on rumors that a British jockey riding there has stolen five large leather bags of money from an Oslo race course and disappeared.  Cleveland quickly finds himself enmeshed in an investigation that grows larger the more he learns!  He knew the jockey and doesn't think he would give up his career to steal even a lot of money and neither does anyone else that knew him including his wife who is five months pregnant.  As kind as his Norwegian hosts seem to be, there is one (or more) among them that knows what has happened, but isn't talking.  And Cleveland cannot discount that his life has been threatened while there by bizarre accidents on three occasions!  One of the best things about Francis' mystery novels is that they do not age because it is usually human ingenuity that solves the case.  Even though this was written in 1973, the only thing that might be noticed as not up to date is that there is no cell phone usage.
Two Graves by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.  (HC/RP) (Pendergrast series # 12) (2012)  Aloysius Pendergrast is a FBI Special Agent with the emphasis on SPECIAL.  He works completely outside the Bureau, but has contacts here and there that help him when needed.  Because he is insanely RICH, he doesn't have financial problems, being able to charter planes or buy cars at his whim.  Twelve years ago he thought his wife had died, but at the book's beginning he learns she is alive and has had twins which are now about sixteen.  Just as they meet again and talk briefly, she is again abducted. He follows the abductors, but in the fight to get her back she is killed.  Now he feels he must save his children from the same fate their mother suffered.  Remember all those stories that were bantered about after WWII that many of the Nazi leaders emigrated to South America to continue with the work (especially medical) they had been involved in while under Hitler in Germany?  There were rumors of Germanic settlements with research facilities and all they would need to lead the same lives they had lived in Nazi Germany, meanwhile continuing their research--research to engineer a perfect race.  His family, however, were not the researchers.  Pendergrast is considered to be a genius by those that know him in the book, but he must also be a superman as well!  Mystery, suspense, action, intrigue--it's all here!

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