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February 23, 2015

Thanks so much to the generous person that donated so many wonderful AUDIO BOOKS to the library.  They are all CDs, so you will be able to play them  in your car, pick-up or big rig!  Listening to books while doing mundane things like driving really help the time to go by more quickly!  They are also wonderful if you are ironing or doing other tedious jobs around the house where you cannot be tied to the TV.  Of course, they are equally wonderful when you feel like you cannot watch another reality show, game show or rerun on TV!  These are not to be missed!  Truckers and drivers--everybody!  Come in and check them out!

There will also be some new titles on the just purchased large print (LP) shelf.  Blind Spot, #13 in the adventures of Jesse Stone, Chief-of-Police in Paradise, MA, has come in and is on the shelf as is #19 in the Harry Bosch series written by Michael Connelly.  In fact I will be reviewing both of them below.  They are both very good additions to the series they represent!

Also there will be some new-to-us large print books (LP) from North Dakota State Library (NDSL) on the shelves this week.  One series of particular interest to those of you that lean more toward inspiration, romance and cozy mysteries is the Reachfar series written by Jane Duncan.  These books are just now being purged by NDSL even though written in the sixties which tells me that they have been being used (checked out) by readers.  We received all but three in the series of nineteen.  I read several pages of the first in the series and really enjoyed it.  I hope our readers will as well.

There will also be almost thirty new-to-us mysteries in large print from NDSL as well on the shelves.  It is so wonderful for a small library such as ourselves to receive these books from the state since we rely on donations and readers for our survival.  They are not books we have had and the really nice thing is that they are in large print (LP).  Many of us cannot read the print in paperbacks (PB) or even in hard cover/regular print (HC/RP) books, but we are ALL able to read large print (LP)!  Here's a few of the titles and authors:  The Judge by Steve Martini, Slay-Ride by Dick Francis, The Devil's Teardrop and The Stone Monkey (Lincoln Rhyme series #4) by Jeffery Deaver, Dixie City Jam (Dave Robicheaux series #7) by James Lee Burke, Innocent Blood by P.D. James and Hangman's Holiday (Peter Wimsey series #9) by Dorothy L. Sayers.  There are also three new ones from the Badge of Honor series by W. E. B. Griffin, which we had in paperback (PB), but not LP.  We also received four classics in (LP):  Terms of Endearment by Larry McMurtry, Doctor Zhivago by Boris Pasternak, Silas Marner by George Eliot and The Scarlett Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Here's a couple reviews:

Robert B. Parker Blind Spot by Reed Farrel Coleman.  (HC/LP)  (2014)  (Jesse Stone series #13)  We ordered this book with reservations due to the fact that Coleman is a new author to the Jesse Stone series and that the reviews on Amazon were not as good as they had been when Michael Brandman  was writing the series.  The good news is that I just read it and thought it was very good AND very Jesse Stone-like, just not so much Robert B. Parker, which might be a good thing since he is deceased anyway.  Previously with Parker and Brandman writing there was oodles of dialogue and not so much substance.  This one still has some dialogue and you can hear Jesse Stone/Tom Selleck saying it!  There is a good plot and several sub-plots that mostly tie together in the end.  A young man is abducted and his girlfriend is shot.  No ransom notes, no police involvement except because of the murder.  There is some back story regarding Stone's time in the minor leagues and his injury.  There is also a reunion with a serious love from that time.  At the reunion Stone also meets another woman that comes to be  of interest to him (and every other man who meets her!).  I would say this is as good or better than any Jesse Stone I've read and I've read them all!  TV movie here we come!
The Burning Room by Michael Connelly.  (HC/LP)   (2014)  Harry Bosch series #19)  Recall that Bosch is is now working in cold-case files and in this book he has a new hot-shot partner referred to a "Lucky Lucy".  The reader will quickly learn why.  One  of my thoughts while reading this book is that Bosch is a kinder, gentler Bosch who seems to be better able to control his emotions and actions than in the past.  The reason for this is simple:  He is coming up on his retirement date and doesn't want to lose his pension.  But, because the LAPD--like all police forces-- are faced with budget problems, they are looking for ways to drop a cop before retirement.  Harry and Lucy have a shooting case from twenty years ago that caused a man to become a paraplegic.  This man has now died and they were able to retrieve the bullet which had bee lodged in his spine for twenty years--which seems to open up some new territory for the investigators.  Bosch and Lucy follow up all kinds of leads (This is truly a police procedural.) and begin to put the pieces together.  Meanwhile Lucy has an ulterior motive for being in cold-case (which I will let the reader discover), and Harry helps her.  A very good Harry Bosch!!!

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