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February 17, 2015
 Not much news on the library front this week.  We have received quite a few new-to-us books from North Dakota State Library (NDSL).  They need to be added to the book inventory before they are shelved, however.  There are romance, mystery, westerns and some non-fiction like true crime, war, biography or animal stories.  (Think All Creatures Great and Small type books)  One of the books reviewed today is from this new batch--Hearn's Valley.  It seems everyone still enjoys westerns because we were given the choice of seventy books in the western category and although we asked for all or any we only received seven.  Looked like every library wanted all they could get!
Here's continuous problem Finley Library faces.  Do you have a book checked out that you are finished with?  If so, please return it either in the box in the entry way or on our open days (Thursdays 6:30-8:00 pm and Fridays 2:00-5:00 pm).  We once again are very behind with our notices to those of you that have overdue books checked out of the library, but we are hoping that you will bring them in on your own.  If you have a book you are still reading that is overdue, it can be renewed easily by bringing it in or we would take a note in the box or a phone call--524-2766!  We just like to know that you know where our library books are!!!  Besides , if you aren't enjoying the book you have out there, you are very welcome to turn it in and check out another!  Our greatest desire is to serve you, our readers, but we need your help to do the best job we can!  Thanks for your help on this matter... .

Here's a couple reviews:

Hearn's Valley by Wayne D. Overholser.  (HC/LP)  (NDSL)  (Western)  (1958)  Hugh Mobberly rode up to his parents farm/ranch in Oregon's Willamette Valley just as they were moving away.  He'd been gone over a year and had no idea that his father had finally given in to his mother and agreed to move to the ranch of her adopted brother, Vic Hearn.  Though Hugh had no love for Hearn, he went along the ten day journey to the town of Hearn Valley and then on to Hearn's Ranch.  It took no time to realize that Hearn had major plans for his mother and father that were NOT good, but they seemed to have no idea.  Though quickly ousted from the ranch, Hugh hangs around the area waiting for his parents and the townsfolk to wake up to their situation.  Then he steps in, even though he is too late to save some who had already fallen to Hearn's aggressive nature.  Overholser began as a history major/English minor at the University of Oregon at Eugene, and that is the area of the country he writes about here. In his career he wrote over 100 books, quitting in the early 1980's when his eyesight failed--as did the Western book market.  He had hundreds of short stories that were later expanded into novel length.  This is one of those.
A.P.B.  (All Points Bulletin) by Dave Pedneau
.  (PB)  (Mystery/Crime)  (1987)  (Whit Pynchon series #10)  All the mysteries in this series have initials for titles: A.P.B., D.O.A., B.O.L.O., A.K.A. ....  Whit Pynchon is on the edge of retirement when a horrific series of killings begins in the small town in West Virginia, where he works.  The victims are the wives of the of the various police forces--county, city and state--that have jurisdiction in the area.  These are not just shootings either, but wretched murders that cause great bodily harm to the victims and terrible upset to their families.  The case is turned over to Pynchon by the District Attorney who Pynchon works for as an investigator.  Whit is a grumpy guy who has no patience for the reporters drawn to the town in droves by the murders.  He also doesn't have much patience with himself as he tries to solve the mounting number of murders.  At first there are no clues, but then there are too many suspects and not enough working cops (off due to mourning loved ones) to handle all the situations that need police presence.  Kept this reader on edge and turning pages!
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