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February 02, 2015
 Once again I have goofed up my telephone number in this article--the correct number is 524-2766.  I hope no one tried to contact me.  I don't know who the poor soul is with the number 524-2677, but I apologize to him/her if they have gotten calls intended for library stuff.  You'd think after all this time that I would know my own phone number, but I guess I am just too busy reading or whatever to call myself!  Well, now the library has another way to contact us--on the website page at  .There is a "contact us" button to click on now so you can leave a message with a question concerning the library.  Wow!  The library is really moving up in the cyberspace world!  Be sure to check out your Finley Public Library there or on Face Book at Finley Library.  Also, remember our hours are in the News Capsules on the second page of the Steele County Press every week.  Did you know that we also list the NYT Best Seller List in the library?  The books on the list that we have in the library are noted on the list.  For this week we have six of those on the list.  That is good for a library of our size and we thank our book donors for most of them, especially Bill Devlin.  Also we have received eighty-seven new-to-us large print (LP) books from the North Dakota State Library (NDSL)--romance, mystery and a few westerns.  They will begin trickling on to the shelves in a week or so and their titles will be mentioned in this column as they are processed and shelved.  Come in, look around, have a cup of something hot and check us out!!!
Here's a couple reviews:

Jake's Orphan by Peggy Brooke.  (HC/RP)  (YA--young adult) (2000)  Once again this is a young adult (YA) book, but a very good one for those that like simpler stories and not so much violence.  I was very pleased with the story and it was fun to know it took place in Crosby, ND, though not much time was spent in town.  Even though it is fiction, the historical aspects are factual and true to life for the times. (1926)  "Tree" is an orphan at an orphanage in St Paul, MN.  He  is twelve and has a younger brother who is ten, "Acorn."  Never given appropriate names, they were dropped off as babies.  Finally, relief comes from a farmer and his wife, the Gundersons, from ND.  Their own son did not wish to stay on the family farm and moved to Fargo to study the banking business with an uncle.  Although Gunderson's brother lives and works on the farm, Gunderson felt they needed another hard worker.  The key word here is "hard."  Gunderson was a hard man--to his wife, his brother and had been to his son.  He didn't change when Tree came.  Tree promised his brother that he would sent for him in, but Gunderson--being the way he was--wasn't interested in another "weak, worthless orphan."  Events conspire to make the situation even worse, but sometimes negative events can turn positive.  This is a lovely story of growing up by more than just a young boy and his brother.
Watch Me by A. J. Holt.  (HC/RP) (1995)  This first novel by author, Holt, is an interesting ride through the world of computer hackers, serial killers and the dedicated men and women who try to track them down and bring them to trial.  Because it was written in 1995, the computer aspects might seem a bit dated if you are very knowledgeable concerning them, but since most of most of the work is being done by using the more advanced programs of the FBI, the difference (to me) wasn't so much.  FBI Special Agent, Jay Fletcher has gotten--through computer hacking without a warrant--information on a rapist/murderer suspect.  When he is freed on this technicality, she is sent on a "vacation" to Santé Fe, NM, to set up a  computer network that will connect all their government police and fire services.  While working on it, Jay becomes privy to information on a "fire bug" and a rapist/murderer.  Inadvertently (Or was it?), she takes on these situations on her own--once again with information gleaned from computer hacking.  And so it begins... .  
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