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January 19, 2015

Lots of new books will be coming up in the library soon as we have been the recipient of more large print books from North Dakota State Library.  There will be new romances, mysteries, westerns and other novels--all in large print!  It is exciting to realize that we can receive these books free for you, our readers, to enjoy.  They will take awhile to card and enter into the data base that houses all our book titles that can be found at on the world wide web, otherwise know as the Internet, but this column will keep you informed as to their titles, where they will be shelved and when they are on the shelves.
Otherwise, thanks again to the FFA for the very wonderful gift they have bestowed on us!  And, thanks again to our readers and those that keep the library open and ready for our readers!  Come in, warm up, have a cup of something hot and enjoy browsing.  Check us out!

Only one review this week;  hopefully two next week:

Lost Souls by Lisa Jackson.  (PB)  (New Orleans series #5)  (2008)  Though 27 years old, Kristi Bentz is still trying to forge her own identity, especially with her father, Rick Bentz, who is a detective with the New Orleans Police Department.  She had previously gone through the harrowing experience of being kidnapped, tortured and held by criminals who are trying to "bargain" with her father.  Now quite a few months later when she announced that she will be returning to college on her own up in Baton Rouge, her father balks at the idea.  But Kristi will not be swayed.  Once there, Kristi becomes embroiled in the "Vampyrism" craze that seems to be the talk of the campus.  Four young co-eds have disappeared, but they are only "presumed missing" since they all had family problems and trouble "fitting in" and no one is pushing the investigation--especially the college!  Kristi realizes that they were all part of the vampire craze as well.  Further investigation on her part (and not letting her "over-protective" father know what she is doing) get her deeper into a situation she may not be able to get out of on her own!  The reader is kept guessing as to who the real culprit is, plus there is lots of action if you can take Kristi's high-handed "I'll do it myself" attitude.

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