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January 12, 2015

Imagine my surprise when I read the Steele County Press just a few days ago.  (Forwarded mail seems to take forever to get here to California!)  The library was the glad recipient of a wonderful gift from the Finley-Sharon FFA--$1000!!!  How kind and considerate of them to think of us in their sharing of their gift!  The library board thanks all in the FFA that made that decision.  Readers will thank them as well, as we in the library use this generous gift for the betterment of the library and, therefore, our readers.  

Remember us on Face book, at our website, , and come in and check us out on Thursdays from 6:30 until 8:00 and Fridays from 2:00 until 5:00.  Our hours are always listed in News Capsules in the Steele county Press, on our website and on Face book.  Looking forward to seeing you there!

Here's a couple reviews:

A Hard Death by Jonathan Hayes.  (PB)   (Edward Jenner series #2)  (c. 2011)  Thinking he was doing very well indeed after a debacle in the New York City Medical Examiner's office, Edward Jenner was feeling good after a long run along the Florida Everglades where he was subbing for the regular ME, his good friend, Marty Roburn.  He sees police and water rescue cars ahead and is called over when recognized.  There are police and water rescue squads pulling a submerged car out of the Everglades and they need Jenner on the spot since there is a body inside.   Jenner quickly realizes--even though they are terribly bloated--that the bodies are those of his friend, Marty, and his wife, Bobbie, who are supposed to be on a month-long vacation.  Soon thereafter, four bodies of Hispanic men are found hung on an island in the Everglades--all tortured in the same way as was Marty.  Events seem to go from bad to worse for Jenner as he tries to work with the bodies and figure out their connection.  Lots of action in a difficult environment.  I found it interesting that several of the "bad" guys see what they are doing as trying to keep a roof over their head or working on their "retirement", having not seen that side of the story in previous books.

Trunk Music by Michael Connelly.  (PB)  (Harry Bosch series #5)  (c. 1997)  In this 5th  in the Harry Bosch series, Bosch has just been re-instated into the Homicide division after a nervous breakdown kept him out for many months.  A murder victim found in his car above the Hollywood bowl seems to be a gang-related murder--hence the the name "trunk music".  As Bosch investigates further the reader will find so many twists and turns that they may think they are on a roller coaster ride!  But don't worry because at the end of the very fast ride you won't be dizzy and everything will be made very clear to you.  Bosch and Connelly are not to be messed with--they get their man (or woman) every time!  

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