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January 05, 2015

Already the second week of 2015!  The Christmas/New Year holiday just flew by and now we have fifty-one weeks to wait for it again!  To help you wait--especially over the long winter months ahead, remember your Finley Public Library!  The books there can keep you entertained for hours, days , weeks, even months!  If you need large print, we have that.  If you like westerns, we have those in large print, regular print and paperback.  There is science-fiction, true crime, true war, and fiction of the same--again in all print sizes you need.  Remember also that there are inspirational books as well.  Most of them are on the designated "inspirational" shelves, but there are quite a few interspersed in the large print, too.  There are oodles of series and we are trying to designate those by noting the series name and number in the series on the check-out pocket (usually) in the front of a book.  If all else fails, there is always a librarian to ask questions of as you have a cup of coffee, tea or cocoa.  Come in and check us--and a book or two--out!  Hours are always on the Capsules' page of the Press.

Winterkill by C. J. Box.  (PB)  (Joe Pickett series #3)  (c. 2003)  Game Warden Joe Pickett, out patrolling, sees a herd of elk, hears a gunshot, then six more.  All the elk fall dead or mortally wounded.  Though he knows a storm is about to hit, he pursues the poacher.  When Joe finds him he is tied to a tree by two cross-bow arrows and his throat has been slit.  Who would do this--even to a poacher?  Murder is not the only problem facing Pickett and the law in Saddlestring, Wyoming.  Survivalist have come to town and camped in a nearby National Forest cutting down trees and using park power with no intention of moving on.  And some strange folks from various government agencies have descended on the town as well--supposedly to round up the survivalists, but they seem a bit too ready to kill them rather then arrest them.  Plus Joe has a personal stake in it all;  his nearly adopted daughter is in the survivalist camp.  Certainly keeps you reading and your interest up...

Ascent into Hell by Andrew M. Greeley.  (PB)  (c. 1983)  What is Hell?  Many of us have our own ideas.  Can we live in a Hell-like existence on earth?  We may think of "Hell" as a difficult phase in our lives or as tough times, but can we have a "Hell" of our own making?  The main character in this novel, Hugh Donlon,  seems to be doing so... .  Beginning in 1954 with the birth of his first son, Hugh, Thomas Donlon, a devout Irish Catholic, prays to God that if his wife comes through the delivery intact, he would give this son to God.  Years later as this son, Hugh, studies to become a priest, Thomas recalls that promise and wonders if he was wrong to have made such a "bargain".  We see Hugh's difficult decisions on whether to continue and the temptations put before him as he does.  Then he falls in love/lust with a Sister.  When she becomes pregnant, he marries her and leaves the priesthood much to his parents chagrin.  The rest of the story is Hugh's own private "Hell".  In his own mind his life is worst than Hell, which leads to the title.  Greeley writes of Irish Catholic Chicago with all its goodness and foibles.  I read this one in a day even with over 400 pages.  
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