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November 24, 2014

We hope your Thanksgiving was full of fun, food and family fellowship!  So many of us have so much for which to be thankful.  We at the library have much to be thankful for as well--our readers, those that support us through book and financial donations, our new internet connection, our building, the books we have, FFA for planting lovely flowers each spring, George, for fixing all our little problems, Howie, Bill and Bob for fixing so many of our larger problems, the ladies that take an afternoon or evening of their time to be here for our many people make our Finley Public Library a great place to come and be welcome while one looks (and finds!) one--or several--books to take home and enjoy.  Thank you all for all the various ways you support our local library!

Speaking of thanks, a big thank you to those that came in on Friday to renew books that were overdue.  We don't mind if you take longer to read them, we just want to know you still have them!  Please be one of those that renew or return books that are overdue.  Thank you!

There are several new books on the "New Arrivals"  shelves--both large print and regular print; come in and check them out!  We will be open this afternoon from 2-5 for your convenience.

Here's a few reviews from earlier dates that have movies coming out this holiday season:

The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks.  (HC/LP)  Two high school students fall in love, have an affair and go their separate ways.  Twenty-five years later they meet again at the funeral of their high school mentor.  In carrying out the instructions left them by this man that meant so much to them, they will better understand why they made the choices they made and find out  if true love can rewrite the past.
Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand.  (HC/LP)  (NF)  This is the inspiring true story of Louie Zamperini, who went from juvenile delinquent to Olympic runner to WWII hero.  Crashing into the South Pacific Ocean, he and two of his crew drifted for miles before being taken prisoner by the Japanese.  Somehow over the next three years as a prisoner, he kept his selfhood and humanity despite the monumental degradations he suffered.   
Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins.  (PB) (Located in the middle room under the window)  (Hunger Games trilogy #3)  Against all odds, Katniss Everdeen has survived the Hunger Games twice, but she is still not safe because the Capitol is angry and wants revenge.  They think Katniss' success is the reason for the unrest in all districts. Katniss cannot just leave, however, because  President Snow has made it clear that if she leaves he will get revenge through Katniss' family, friends and the people of District 12.
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