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November 17, 2014

Good morning!  Cold enough for you?!?  Really gets a person in the mood for Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays, doesn't it?  The Library Staff wishes you and your family and friends all the happiest moments for Thanksgiving and a good memory for all the things we have to be thankful for--a warm house, food on the table, friends and family nearby and maybe even a good book to read!

Have you read any good books lately?  I sure have!  I reviewed a couple last week--Deadline and Breaking Her Fall.  This week I read The Old Blue Line and Remains of Innocence and will review them below.  Now I am reading Gray Mountain by David Baldacci and it is another good one--right now number one on the New York times Best Seller List.  This one goes back to Baldacci's Virginia roots again (like Wish you Well) and it is a book that can really make a person angry because of all the dirty dealings of "Big Law,"  "Big Banks" and corrupt "Big business."  I'll review it next week.  I would love it if you, our readers, would include in the pocket of your returned book a short comment on the book--loved it!, hated it!, or mediocre, and briefly, why you felt that way.  It would give us a better feel about the kinds of books we need to get more of or less of and would be to YOUR benefit!  It would only take a minute of your time.
We still have oodles of overdue books floating around Finley and the countryside.  Please check your stash and either turn them in or bring them by during our open hours and renew them.  Since we are working for you--our readers--to have a better library it would be help us all.  Thanks.

Here's a couple reviews:

The Old Blue Line by J. A. Jance.  (HC/LP)  (Joanna Brady series # 15.5, located at the back of the book , Remains of Innocence by J. A. Jance)  Did you ever wonder how Joanna Brady met her second husband, Butch, and why he happens to be such a great cook?  This novella tells the why and how in a little mystery that is also fun to read--all from Butch's viewpoint.
Remains of Innocence by J. A. Jance.  (HC/LP) (Joanna Brady series # 16)  The disappearance of a mentally challenged man known by so many  of the residents of Bisbee, AZ, is  a cause for alarm.  Though sixty, his mental capacity is more that of a young child.  Before Joanna and company can solve this mystery, the murder of their not-well-liked Cochise County's Medical Examiner occurs.  The other part of this story is that his sister, Liza, is is on her way to Arizona as her life in Massachusetts is at risk.  People she knows there are being murdered and she has no idea why unless it has something to do with the money she found in her dead mother's house.  (Her mother was a hoarder.)  Scared and distraught, Liza has only her estranged brother to turn to now, but she is unaware that he is dead.  Are these murders related to the death of Junior Dowdle, the mentally challenged man in Bisbee?  Joanna doesn't think so, but as the rest of the team plows ahead with the murder of the M.E., Joanna keeps her mind on her friend Junior's death as well. These two stories trade chapters until near the end when Liza arrives in Arizona, although she is not really part of the solution.  This is an interesting storyline with lots of new thoughts and information about Bisbee, truckers and crumby parenting.
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