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November 10, 2014

Hope everyone enjoyed the photos of the little cuties that darkened the library doorway for Halloween!  Such fun!  It doesn't happen very often that we are open on their special day, so it was extra special for all!

We have been donated the book, Havana Storm by Clive Cussler in regular print.  It is #23 in the Dirk Pitt series.  Thanks, Bill Devlin!  It may be on the shelf by today, though I cannot promise since it has already been checked out!  Things move quickly at the library;  You'd best come in every week!!!
We will be closed for Thanksgiving Day, but open on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  This is for sure now--unless, of course, we have a blizzard or some such.  

Remember to get your OVERDUE BOOKS in to the library.  If you're not finished reading it, you can always renew it for another couple weeks.  Please help us out in this regard!
Since it has gotten cold the coffee pot is being plugged in again so you can enjoy a warming cup of coffee, tea or chocolate while you browse.  It's free!  

Speaking of free, the North Dakota State Library (NDSL) will be going through their large prints books again soon to weed out duplicates, etc., so we should be getting in some more new (to us) books from them in the new year.  That will be fun and exciting for us and our readers as well, we hope!  Come in and check us out!

Here's a couple reviews:

Breaking her Fall by Stephen Goodwin.  (HC/RP)  no series.  Single dad, Tucker James, the father of fourteen-year-old Kat and thirteen-year-old Will, gets the phone of his life on a summer night in July.  Kat had gone to eat pizza and go to the movies with her BFF and family friend, Abby.  Abby had different plans, however, and they never made it to the movies, instead going to a party at Abby's older boy friend's house where there were no parents at home and lots to drink.  Kat, the shy girl who never got into trouble, allowed herself to get drunk, did some skinny dipping in the pool and then pleasured several guys in the pool house.  On hearing this news in a phone call from the father of another party attendee who called a cab and left right after these incidents, Tucker immediately drove to the party location to get his daughter.  She was not there having been taken to another location to "sober up" by her older BFF.  These incidents and what happened when Tucker arrived at the party location caused the trauma they all lived with for the next six months (and, really, the rest of their lives)--gossip, legal charges, depression, lies and, finally, change.
Deadline by John Sandford.  (HC/LP) (Virgil Flowers series #8)  Flowers finds himself in a small town in southeastern Minnesota--working with a guy (Johnson Johnson) whose parents named him and his brother (Mercury Johnson) after outboard motors, looking for stolen dogs, and the guys that had stolen them.  It didn't take but a day or so, though, and Flowers is up to his eyeballs in murders, embezzlement and dirty dealings.  It is another wild ride for Virgil Flowers, who usually works alone--while using the locals for for information, back-up, and the dissemination of information he wants to get back to the crooks!  The dog-nappers are cruel dirty rotten scoundrels, especially to those whose dogs they take, but the embezzlers are selfish local citizens who won't stop at murder and care only for themselves.

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