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October 28, 2014

Happy Halloween everyone!  This must be one of the most exciting days of the year for all our smaller readers and we are looking forward to having them stop by the library while on their parade through town.  It should be quite the show, so we are planning on having lots of goodies and taking photos of all the ghosts and goblins and princesses.  However, I think I am showing my age in saying that because these days aren't there more super heroes and TV characters?  Maybe there will still be a few princesses, though.  I remember when we lived in Alaska and our daughter (now 32) wanted to be a princess.  Because it was so very cold, she had to wear her snowsuit under her princess outfit making her the chubbiest princess on the block!  It was the same with everyone, though, and no one cared.  If your kids are preschool age please bring them by the library as well--we intend to have a wonderful time!

We have some more new books in.  Finally the book club we buy our large print books from is getting their act together and sending us books we ordered weeks and even months ago!  That means we finally received

  • Deadline (LP) (Virgil Flowers series #8) by John Sandford.  Also we received
  • the first two books in the Tales of Grace Chapel series: Back Home Again (LP) (#1 in series) by Melody Carlson and Going to the Chapel (LP) (#2 in series) by Rebecca Kelly.

These two books--though they will be in the large print section (after two months on the new arrivals shelves)--are for those who enjoy Inspirational type books.  I am hoping to be able to find more of these if they are well received--and I hope they will be!  They are on the same order as the Jan Karon books.  I am very interested to read them myself since each book  is written by a different author!
If you read the first installment of the Tony Wagner series, The Reverend Finds his Calling from North Dakota author Paula Winskye and liked it (as many of us did), we now have the next four in the series.  These are not large print, but some of our readers with weaker eye sight have been able to read them easily since the print is larger than normal and there are larger spaces than normal between the lines.  If you haven't tried this series you really should!  They are actually inspirational books, but the first one opens with a weekend of casual sex between Tony and a gal he saves from (if I remember correctly) a flood.  Tony is (in the first book which I reviewed a few weeks ago) going to seminary school.  #2 in the series is The Reverend Goes Home, followed by The Reverend, Meth and Murder, The Reverend: Murder in Medora, and The Reverend Delivers in that order because in this series it really does make a difference.
In case you are wondering why I have rambled on about books (more than usual) this week, it is because I have no books read that I can review!  Sorry!  This past week was spent preparing for the Ostervold Church Bazaar--doing all the crafts, cooking, etc., that I should have been doing all last winter, but was reading books instead!!!  I am almost finished with Presumed Innocent by Scott Turow, but  cannot write about it since I don't know whether the guy will be found  innocent or guilty--not that I would tell you anyway!!!
Have a great Halloween and a good week to come.  Since it is spitting snowing here at our farmstead as I write this, I have to say it is beginning to look a lot like winter!!!

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