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October 14, 2014

It seems strange to think that Halloween is only two weeks away!  (Any little "goblins" that are out and about before 5 o'clock on Halloween are invited to come by the library for a bit of candy and to get their photo taken!)  This year has gone by so quickly and it seems we have never been so busy at the library!  Work continues on the inventory and updating the books we have on hand.  

Here are a couple more new books that shall be on the shelves by today--all four large print:  Bad guys Beware: An Alaskan mystery featuring crime reporter Kit Finnegan who loves danger and seems to be unlucky in love.  Maybe Doug Quinn can help her out in that department or at least help her track down the bad guys;  The Rope by Nevada Barr is # 17 in the Anna Pigeon series and goes back to her beginnings when at 35 years old she arrives via bus from New York City at Glen Canyon Dam and takes a summer job.  A few days later she disappears from the area and wakes up at the bottom of a well with no way to get out!; The Kindness of Strangers by Susan Meier is a Guideposts book.  The series is extensive and most of them are written by different writers.  This one is about the Howard sisters who run the Grace Chapel Inn in rural Pennsylvania as a Bed & Breakfast.  This is actually the first in the series that now numbers nearly forty!; Tales of a Texas Boy by Marva Dasef  is told by an old man remembering himself as an eleven-year-old boy in the panhandle of West Texas during the Depression.  Though meant as a young adult book most of the reviewers on Amazon were older adults who said they enjoyed it very much and gave it a 4.6 (out of 5) rating from 48 people.  I thought we had readers who would enjoy it.
Here's a couple reviews:

Love Kills by Edna Buchanan.  (HC/LP)  (NDSL)  (Britt Montero series #9)  (Craig Burch series #3)  Buchanan has begun another series with a police detective and he is included in this book along with main character, Montero.  A body is uncovered by a bull-dozer working along the edge  of the Florida Everglades.  A disposable camera is found on the beach by Montero and her friend, the photographer at the newspaper Montero works for.  When the film is processed it shows a young couple obviously in love.  Montero knows there is a young couple missing in the Gulf of Mexico waters who were taking their honeymoon at sea--island hopping in a rented boat.  Could this be the same couple?  Another earlier in the series book was reviewed some months ago.  A lot has happened since then to Montero--finding a man she loves, wedding plans, his death, her pregnancy.  This one is not as comedic as the earlier one, but still has wit and charm about it.  However, this one is more of a thriller!  
Blood Mud by K. C. Constantine.  (HC/LP)  (NDSL)  (Rocksburg series #15)  Mario Balszic, former policeman, detective and chief-of-police, has been retired from the Rocksburg Police Department for two years when he has a "heart event" that causes him terrible mental strife even though it was not serious as heart events go.  It takes more than a year with the help of his wife and daughter and a psychiatrist for him to settle into the fact that he is still living and has years ahead of him.  (If you want to know what a person goes through after a heart attack this book can do it for you and entertain you at the same time!  The author must have gone through one himself!) While "getting over it", Balzic spends time trying to get information on a burglary that includes taking thirty-eight exactly the same hand guns from a gun store.  He is working for a lawyer for the insurance company involved.  But there are termites in the woodwork!  Balzic begins to slowly see this was all a put-up job by another police force.  The first few chapters are spent on other characters, but pay attention--they will all have something to do with the final outcome.
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