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October 06, 2014

Good morning!  Or afternoon as the case may be! Thanks so much for reading these Finley Library articles!  It does our hearts good when someone says they have read an article or used Facebook or our website at .  We hope you enjoy these places where we at the library try to get new information out to you or make the library easier for you to use.

We have a few more new books for you to check out.  They include Indulgence in Death by J. D. Robb, (HC/RP) (In Death series #31) (pseudonym for Nora Roberts); Foundation's Edge by Isaac Asimov, (HC/RP) (Foundation series #6); The Checkered Years: a Bonanza Farm Diary (1884-1888) by Mary Dodge Woodward, (PB); Deep  in the Heart of Trouble by Deanne Gist, (PB) (INSP) (Essie Spreckelmeyer series #2), the first in this series reviewed two weeks ago in the Press; and To Everything a Season by Lauraine Snelling, (PB) (INSP) (Song of Blessing series #1), a continuation of the Red River of the North characters.  For the next two months these books will all be located on the New Arrivals shelves to the left as you enter the main room.  Be sure to check them out!
Here's a couple reviews:

Targets of Opportunity by Joe Weber.  (HC/RP)  (Reviewed by Howie Underwood)  The author, Weber, is a former Marine Corps pilot, so this book is accurate in detail.  It follows Naval pilot Brad Austin (introduced in a previous book, Rules  of Engagement) during a brief period of his career when he was on a special CIA mission to disrupt the enemy's confidence--the enemy being North Vietnam--by breaking the normal "Rules of Engagement" and attacking them in their "safe zones."  The plan is to fly a North Vietnamese MiG into North Vietnam.  Austin would be disguised as a Russian.  He would be "disavowed " if captured.  Great read for those interested in aerial combat--hard to put down!
The Child Buyer by John Hersey.  (HC/RP) (Classics section)  Hersey was really a journalist at heart and that helps explain the way this book is written.  It seems to take place in upstate New York, but the location is not named except for two smallish towns where the main character, ten-year-old Barry Rudd,  lived. Written as a state senate hearing, three senators and a lawyer run the hearing calling witnesses.  The thesis of the book is a negative commentary on the American Education System, but it is so much more than that!  The boy has a very high I.Q. and though only ten, speaks several languages, knows all the Latin names for plants and animals and is full of curiosity about the world he lives in. His and his principle's testimony were the most interesting to me, but the child buyer was quite interesting as well.  He must have had psychological training for his job as he uses it in the background profusely.  The reader will see this in the changes of testimony of all the witnesses.  Though at times difficult to get through (One wonders where this is all going.), the last fifty pages read like a thriller!  John Hersey won the Pulitzer Prize for his "book" Hiroshima which chronicled the exact actions of six survivors of the devastation caused by the bomb dropped there.

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