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September 22, 2014

Have you read a really good book lately?  Please be sure to either tell the librarian your thoughts on the book or stick a note in the check-out card pocket.  We could use your name or not if you'd rather, but I thought it would be fun to get some other readers views on books in the library or on books you would like us to see about getting.  In that same vein it looks like some of the board members will be reading books and giving me their thoughts so that they can be considered  by you in the reviews in this column.  Yours could be here as well!

Also if you are a reader that likes non-fiction, there is an entire shelf of NF books in the "new arrivals" section.  There are biographies of movie stars like John Wayne, TV stars like Johnny Carson, a couple on the Kennedy Family and also some books on interesting subjects.  I particularly enjoyed the one on passenger trains with dining cars.  Most of us can relate to that experience and they even had recipes!  I was impressed.  We  have just added a couple new cookbooks that were donated.  One is on CHOCOLATE and the other is all about healthy, easy meals.  Both are fun to look through.  You could always make a copy of the one or two recipes that interest you!  Another reminder in the same vein:  We have several new paperbacks by Joanna Fluke.  They are cozy mysteries and include recipes from the story.  Not only are the stories good, but the recipes are as well!  Come in and check us out!
Here's a couple reviews:

Courting Trouble by Deeanne Gist.  (PB)  (Inspirational)  (Essie Spreakelmeyer series #1)  With an overly protective Father and an admirer quite a few years younger, Essie had no chance to have any experiences with being courted by a young man her own age!  Set in East Central Texas in 1874, ten-year-old Essie swears her first "lunch basket" at the 4th of July Auction will be snatched up by a good-looking blonde cowboy (Some things never change it seems!), but no such luck.  Rather a very young fellow with a crush on her paid two cents for her basket, everyone got a good laugh and this went on for quite a few years.  Sometimes her father, the local District Judge, or her uncle, the Sheriff, would bid.  The point is that by the time she was thirty not one one single "single" fellow dared bid for her lunch basket or come courting to her home.  And she was considered an "old maid" by then!  She took her future into her own hands, though, and after listing the good and bad attributes of every "single" man she knew, she decided on one.  He, however, was not necessarily in agreement!  Her trial and error methods--most of which were charming and well-intentioned, end with her being satisfied with her situation--at least for the time being.  (There is at least another book in the series which we just ordered.) Though there are some disappoints for Essie, she keeps her faith.  A good read.
Scaredy Cat by Mark Billingham.  (PB) (Tom Thorne series #2)  Detective Inspector (DI) Tom Thorne works in London.  He is a member of a special group that works on difficult or strange crimes. In this case a woman is killed after getting off the "Tube" with her young son.  About the same time another murdered woman is discovered also having just gotten off the Tube at another station stop.  The murders are identical in every way.  Is this a serial killer?  Thorne also sees a connection to two murders on the same day sometime before.  There seem to be no clues or DNA, but the witnesses' descriptions seem so different--one a very big, tall man, the other man shorter and dark.  Thorne very quickly theorizes that there are two men working together, but singly during the murders.  There are flashbacks that tell the reader about the murderers as young teens--where they went to school, what they were like.  Then there is another murder-----.  A different concept, certainly... .
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