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August 25, 2014

Had a reader come in last Friday having liked the sound of one of the books reviewed in the Press that day and checked it out.  Always a good thing!  In case you can't remember a book that sounded interesting or just want to look through the reviews, there is a yellow notebook on the desk in the library that has all the reviews written since the end of 2011.   Initially I wasn't reading the books before reviewing them, but soon realized that reading a book often gave a different prospective than what was on the cover flap.  Now I read them all before reviewing.  Be sure to take advantage of this service the library provides you.  Soon they will all be on our web site as well.  Although there already are reviews of most of the books listed on the website,  mine will just be another prospective.
Merle Ferry came on Friday also and gave the library a copy of the book (As I remember it...) his father, Leslie Ferry of Lakota, wrote concerning his life and the times he lived in.  It will be available for check-out beginning Thursday night.  There are lots of photos from the past of their family and their life experiences.  The prose is extensive and enlightening telling the story not only of Mr. Ferry's life, but also the story of the people he came into contact with and the countryside he traveled through.  You may remember that he traveled from town to town and taught welding.  One of places he taught was here in Finley and there is a photo of some of his students on page 76 including Willie Paulsen and Jerome Leslie!  What a great historic piece!  Everyone of us should do something like this with our parents so the history of North Dakota won't be lost with the older generation.  Come in and check it out!
Here's a couple review:

Night Fall by Nelson DeMille.  (HC/LP)  (John Corey series #3)  John Corey is an ex-cop, now working for the FBI as is his lovely wife, Kate.  She had worked on the questionable crash of TWA flight 800 off Long Island  in 1996, that was ruled an accident by the government, but she couldn't get her mind around that result after having interviewed eyewitnesses to the crash.  Author DeMille takes that scenario, adds two people videoing themselves having an adulterous affair on the beach nearby where the plane fell and turns it into a government cover-up that if uncovered could cause political disaster for those "in the know."  If you like this character, (It took me awhile...) there are a couple others in this series at Finley Library as well.
Between Friends by Debbie Macomber.  (PB)  Author Macomber certainly has a way with words and relationships.  Lesley and Jillian were born just months apart and into completely different family circumstances, but they became BFF's in school.  We see their lives into adulthood via letters, announcements, notes, newspaper notices, diaries and, finally, emails.  Another interesting aspect is that events happening in the United States and the world are woven in as time goes by from 1948-2002!  Though most of the events aren't necessarily "happy" ones, reading about them brings back many memories of passed events and made--for this reader--the lives of these two BFF's lives even more real!  One of the other librarians was talking about this book and I decided to read it as well.  This is a good and fast read.  Hope you enjoy it as we did!

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