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August 18, 2014

Thank you to whomever left three boxes of mostly children's books in the entryway of the library.  They were in great shape and we like that.  However, being they are somewhat older books and since young kids mostly don't read the same type of books they read twenty years ago, we didn't keep all of them.  However, the extras went to a great cause--Social Services!  They were happy to get them and hopefully so will the children be that receive them!  Interestingly, a mom and son came in the library on Friday (the same day I took the books to Social Services) asking if we sold books--that they were going on a trip and had none to take--so we sent them to Social Services!  I just talked to Kelly at Social Services and she said they and  a few others came in wanting books for the same reason--and were given their choice!  How great it is that we are a small community that works together so well!   Thanks to the person that donated the books and to Social Services for being there and doing such a great job!!!

Here's a couple reviews.

Dairy Queen by Catherine Gilbert Murdock.  (HC/RP)  (Dairy Queen series #1)  D. J. Schwenk in the summer of her fifteenth year decides she will try out for her high school football team because--she decided--she was happiest when she is on the field coaching her school's rival's quarterback, Brian Nelson, who has a great arm, but not much work ethic and blames all things that go wrong on others--especially his co-players on his high-school football team!  Set in ficticious Red Bend, Wisconsin, this book talks about talking--to your family, your friends and to adults.  It is a sweet story of young D. J. and her summer of growing up.  I read it not knowing it was considered a "young adult" book and enjoyed it thoroughly, but perhaps that is more a comment on me and my reading choices than on the book!  Haha!
Monkeewrench by P. J. Tracy.  (PB)  Monkeewrench series #1)  P. J. Tracy is a mother/daughter writing team that live 1500 miles apart.  In this day and age, however, it works!  First in a series Monkeewrench is a group of completely different personalities that write computer games.  In this case they are hiding their identities due to several terrible murders that took place at their college in Georgia while they were there at school.  In reality they are hiding from the FBI, but in their minds they are running from a killer that left many of their school friends dead!  When they write a computer game that pits the player against a serial killer, they open another can of worms--a serial killer that is imitating every scenario Monkeewrench has set up in the game--at least the ones that have been put on the web.  On the cover Harlan Coben (the mystery writer), says, "Fast, fresh, funny and outrageously suspenseful...".   I certainly couldn't have said it better!

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