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July 28, 2014

Enjoyed the Northwood celebration this passed Saturday and bought some new books for the library as well!  Got there just at the right time to get any books for $1 a bag so bought about fifteen books for $2--a good bargain.  Here's some titles:  three westerns in PB--Escape from Five Shadows by Elmore Leonard, Blood Trail to Kansas by Robert J. Randisi, and Moon Medicine by Mike Blakely;  three mysteries in HC/RP and one in PB--Dead Weight by Steven F. Havill, Mum's the Word by Dorothy Cannell, See Jane Run by Joy Fielding, and The Set-up by Paul Erdmann; four in HC/RP that should be very good--A Thousand Acres by Jane smiley, Mendocino by Judith Greer, Pay it Forward by Catherine Ryan Hyde, Dairy Queen by Catherine Gilbert Murdock, The Tommyknockers by Stephen King, and two by Isaac Asimov--The Robots of Dawn and Foundation's Edge.  Come in and check them out! 

Here's a couple reviews:

Weekend Warriors by Fern Michaels.  (PB) (Sisterhood series #1)  Somewhat like James Patterson's women's murder club, this first book in this series features the set-up and first "revenge hit" of a group of ladies that have all been terribly harmed in some way by someone who "got away with it."  One was left at the scene of a fatal car crash by the real driver of the car and was convicted of vehicular manslaughter and sent to jail.  Another lost her only child through a hit-and-run done by a diplomat who had diplomatic immunity for prosecution of any kind.  This particular story features a female semi truck driver who was gang raped and left for dead by three motorcycle riders (who we later find out had done this many times before) while her invalid husband watched from the passenger seat.  In this series revenge is the name of the game--there is no "being brought before any judge and jury."  These ladies mean business!  There are already 23 books in this series and Finley Library has almost all of them--thanks to a generous donation from one of our librarians!  Check this series out!

The Empress File by John Sandford.  (PB) (Kidd and LuEllen series #2)  Before Lucas Davenport and Virgil Flowers author Sandford wrote another series--Kidd and LuEllen.  (Actually, the first in the Davenport series, Rules of Prey, came out in the same year as the first in this series, The Fool's Run--1989.)  Whereas Davenport and Flowers are both with the police, Kidd is an artist (and a good one), but he is also a con man.  The good thing about Kidd is that the bad guys are the ones that are conned rather than innocent unfortunates.  This story takes place in a Mississippi River town whose government has been taken over by greedy people and a couple psychopaths. They are  into skimming money off the top of everything they touch and doing it deeply.  They are also racially biased.  When an innocent Black teen gets killed while running home with the ice cream he had just purchased so it wouldn't melt, the Black community tries to rise up, but to no avail.  Marvel Atkins, a Black leader, calls for Kidd and he and LuEllen (a burglar in her spare time) travel down river from St. Paul and try to take advantage of the greed that exists there in Longstreet.  This is a dangerous business Kidd dabbles in, but he tries to get some justice for the young teen's family and the town which is under the thumb of the city mayor and council.  Wait until you find out what a couple of them do for fun.  Yuck!  The title refers to the Empress card in a Tarot deck which Kidd says is hogwash, but continues to consult the cards nevertheless.

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