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July 21, 2014

These passed few days have given me another reason to read--just like in the winter.  Only instead of hot coffee, tea or cocoa and a warm blanket while reading a book, I am curled up in front of the air conditioner (a very tiny unit) with iced tea and a good book!  You could be also because Finley Library has lots of good books to choose from in all forms including paperbacks, large print and regular print.  We have books on North Dakota and other parts of the West including fiction (westerns) and non-fiction.  We have some information on all the wars--fiction and non-fiction; science fiction; travel; many of the presidents; true crime; poetry... .  Although most of our readers seem to prefer fiction, there are many , many non-fiction books for those of you that would rather read about the real world.  Come in and check us out!

Though it hasn't been mentioned much lately, we are still working on our inventory.  The books that have been inventoried are on our website at .  You can go there and search for a book or an author and see if the book you are interested in is there.  All the paperback fiction, large print fiction and regular print fiction is on the inventory and many of the reference room books as well.  Also check us out on our FaceBook page at Finley Public Library.  There are lots of good photos and they are all in color!  Be sure to go to our website and "like" us on FaceBook.  There is lots to see!
Here's a couple reviews:

The Reverend Finds His Calling by Paula Winskye.  (PB)  (Tony Wagner series #1)  This new series is written by a native North Dakotan.  Though it doesn't seem to take place here,  there are several referrals to North Dakota and Minnesota.  The series (There are now five, but we thus far have only this one.) depicts the life of Tony (the reverend) Wagner, first (in this book) as he tries to decide just what it is that he wants to do with his life.  This book begins with a flood when Tony at nineteen,  manages to save a young gal (Kelly) and then spends a weekend in bed with her!  Though this action is not necessarily unusual for books these days, this book is supposed to be inspirational!  Time passes, but neither forget the other--and they meet again  five plus years later.  Most of the book was written in dialogue form, but the author did a good job of advancing the story in this way.  Though the Library Board likes the idea of promoting a "local" author, we wanted some reader feed-back before we purchase more books in the series.  Please read this book and let us know what you think.  Two readers have given it a 7.5 already, including me.
Longshot by Dick Francis.
 (HC/RP)  John Kendall has been a writer for a travel agency that books "survival vacations" in various locale--desert, Arctic, jungle, etc.  Now, however, he has quit his job and branching out by writing a novel which has gained some good reviews, but he is still only able to afford a cold cramped apartment and very little food.  When he receives an offer to write a  biography of a famous horse trainer, he decides to try it.  Living with the trainer, his horses and his family seems to be great until murder rears its ugly head!  Though I like all of Francis' book, I thought this one was quite good.

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