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July 01, 2014

This passed week Finley Library received two boxes of donated books.  Though mostly paperbacks (PB), there were also many nice hard cover (HC) books as well, though none were large print (LP).  Thanks so much to whomever gave us this wonderful bonanza of books--out of over 50 books there were only about ten that were duplicates!  Since most of them were PB and will go right away on the shelves in the PB room, here's some of the titles:  1. The Hot Ladies Murder Club by Ann Major; 2. Too Much Too Soon by Jacqueline Briskin; 3. Castles by Julie Garwood; 4. Savage Embers, 5. Savage Honor,  and 6. Savage Hope--all by Cassie Edwards; 7. Comanche Heart (Comanche series #2) and 8. Sun-Kissed (Kendrick-Coulter series #7) by Catherine Anderson; 9. Before Sunrise by Diana Palmer; 10. Harvesting the Heart by Jodi Picoult; 11. A Million Little Pieces (NF) by James Frey;  and 12. A Thousand Acres by Jane Smiley.
There were also quite a few that will go on the Inspirational shelves:  Karen Kingsbury's Above the Line series--Take One, Take Two, Take Three and Take Four and Jane Kirkpatrick's series Kinship and Courage, book #1, All together in one Place (HC).  The Library is purchasing Beverly Lewis's Home to Hickory Hollow series and the first to arrive was The Secret Keeper (#4).
Here are a few of the of the (HC/RP) books:  The Klone and I by Danielle Steel; Hawk O'Toole's Hostage and Adam's Fall (Mason Sisters series #2) both by Sandra Brown.  Then three others were donated by Lee Underwood: The Winner and Simple Genius (King and Maxwell series #3) by David Baldacci and The Apostle by Brad Thor (Scott Horvath series #8).  Last week Bill Devlin donated The Skin Collector (Lincoln Rhyme series #11) and The Kill Switch (Tucker Wayne series #1--one of the Sigma Force characters) by James Rollins.
Remember these are just a few of the books donated.  The last eight--the HC/RP books, will be on the new arrivals shelf to the left as you enter the main room.  Come  in and check them out!

Here's a couple reviews:

Winter's Bone by Daniel Woodrell. (PB)  Ree Dolly is the 16 or so heroine of Winter's Bone and as you read you will understand more and more why she is.  Taking place in the back hills of the Missouri Ozarks, Ree, her family (a mindless Mother and two younger brothers) and all the other folks there live by a different code of ethics and morals than most.  Though all who live there are generally related in some way, they do not abide a young girl going around and asking questions about why someone is missing--even if it is her father.  He signed their house and property over for bail and then he disappeared and Ree has only a few days to find him or prove that he is dead so they can keep their home.  This is a good book about love, responsibility and courage.
Blood Relatives by Ed McBain.  (HC/LP) (NDSL) books (87th Precinct series #30)  In this book Carella is the detective in charge.  The dead body of a young girl is found in the doorway of a deserted building by a beat cop.  About the same time a fifteen year old girl runs into the 87th precinct station saying her cousin had been stabbed, and she, though stabbed also, managed to escape.  They had been at a party and while walking home were caught in the rain.  While they stood in a building doorway to keep dry, they were attacked by a man.  This is a police procedural with just this one case throughout.  Ed McBain is always good.

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