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June 24, 2014

We at the library are happy to have Creta Moe be the winner for our "Guess the number of books we have  in our inventory and on our Website (".  She is the recipient of a $20 gift certificate to The Press Box here in Finley!  (See photo.)  Congratulations again, Creta, and thanks to all who guessed the number.  Just think!  We have 5,903 books on our inventory and still have the reference room and children's room to add to it!  And we are getting new books every day as well!  Just received a donation of The Skin Collector by Jeffery Deaver, (Lincoln Rhyme series #11), and The Kill Switch, the first in a new series from authors James Rollins and Grant Blackwood.  Also donated are two new (to us) by author David Baldacci.  These are all regular print books.  Thanks to all who donate!  It seemed many of our first time visitors to the library for the Open House were surprised at the number of books we had and the up-to-date titles considering that the library runs on monetary and book donations!  Come in and check us out!
Overdue book  notices will be sent out again next week.  Many thanks to those of you that have returned long overdue books!  Remember all you have to do is come in during library hours  and we will renew them for you or leave a note in the "book return" box saying the same.

Here's a few reviews.

Close Pursuit: a week in the life of a New York City homicide cop by Carsten Stroud.  (PB) (NF)  Another police procedural, but even though this one is non-fiction, it reads like fiction.  (Think fast-paced and action-packed!)  In fact, this reader did not realize  it was non-fiction until writing this review!  There is so much action--it was just great to read about all the inside police dealings as well!  Written in 1987, there were many referrals to the NYC Police's dirty work as in the book/movie Serpico.  Further problems arose in 1985 when some unpopular changes were made in police law/procedure.  I, personally, have never read a non-fiction account of police action more exciting/entertaining/informative as this one!
Tales from a Valley School by Miss Read.  (HC/LP)  Miss Read, whose real name is Dora Saint, writes another sweet and funny story (actually about forty of them--short stories) about her days as a teacher and substitute teacher.  It was so easy to picture events from my school days that reading these stories helped me recall.  Such a fun read and so nostalgic as well!  Thoroughly enjoyable!
Field of Prey by John Sandford.  
(HC/LP)  (Lucas Davenport series #24)  Lucas Davenport is back and his "prey" this time is a quite demented serial killer.  Most of the twenty-something deaths have taken place over the passed years--the killer seems to have been satisfied with one death a year--but when Davenport is pulled into the search, the killer becomes more active.  Lots of dead bodies from the past and newly dead as well, but as always, Davenport finds his "prey."  It kinda seems that Sandford is trying in each book to have a worse villain.  He certainly succeeds here.
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