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June 16, 2014


And we have a WINNER!!! Creta Moe is the winner of our "Guess the number of books now inventoried in Finley Library" with a very good guess of 6,000!  The number of books thus far inventoried is 5,903!  Joan Ostrom was second and Katy Miller was third.  We are thrilled with the wonderful turn-out we had--at one time there must have been 25-30 folks in the front room of the library signing in, greeting others and guessing the number of books inventoried!  It was great fun for all we hope.  Joyce had a lovely time and was thrilled with the number of folks coming by to see her, the cards she received and her plaque that will hang on the wall in the hallway with others that have given so much to the library.  Thank you all.  We will be in contact with the winner in the coming week so she can receive her prize.
Here's a review.

58 Minutes by Walter Wager.  (PB)  Written in 1987, the author, Wager, was ahead of his time in the terrorist business (think 9-11) and even though a bit off in his idea of how it might work, his plan would have been just as deadly!  Some rich Arab prince doesn't want anyone to know that he is connected with an arms dealer that is about to go to trial and probably be convicted.  The prince hires another really bad guy and they hatch a plan to get rid of the arms dealer without anyone realizing who is after him or why they want him dead.  By scrambling the airwaves and cutting off radar feeds around the big three airports near New York City (JFK, Newark, and La Guardia), the terrorists manage to strand hundreds of jets--cargo and passenger--left flying in circles around these airports until their fuel runs out.  And all of this in the middle of a snowstorm!  In dealing with the police, the terrorists ask for an exchange of seven criminals and a jet to get away if they return things at the airports to normal. The title,  58 Minutes, refers to the time left to find the terrorists, locate the radar jammers and/or get the criminals to the airport for delivery before the first plane falls out of the sky.  As you might think, there are lots of complications and lots of action.  Good, exciting book!

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