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May 06, 2014


I jumped the gun last week saying we had no winner for the Trivia contest for the question:  Which book began with the opening lines--"It was the best  of times, it was the worst of times." We do have a Facebook winner--Christi Foss!  Congratulations, Christi!!  And now the Finley Library Trivia Contest is on a roll!  We have several folks already this week  with the correct answer to the question in last week's Press, and may have more before we reach the Thursday (5-8-14) deadline.  The winner will be announced in next week's Press.   
Here's the question for this week (5-9-14):  Name two (2) of the six best-selling CHILDREN'S authors of all time.  At least two of these authors may not be familiar, but four should be quite easy to name with no research at all!  Good luck!  Remember, your photo--if you win--could be in the Press as well.  

Don't know about you, but I find it hard to believe that Finley Days is right around the corner!  And with Finley Days comes--among other things--the Finley Library Open House.  It will be from 2-4 P.M. on Thursday, June 12th at the library.  We will have a book sale (50 cents for hardcover and a dollar a bag for paperbacks!), treats and coffee and maybe even balloons for the kids!  Be sure to stop by, check us out, and help celebrate Joyce Jerstad's 25 years on the library board and our 25th year in this location at 302 Broadway.  Be there or be square!!
We are close to half-way finished with our inventory of the library's books!  You would be surprised at the amount of books we have shoe-horned into that small space!  Also the puzzle is finished, so there will be a new one on the table with flowers and things to get us in the mood for summer!  We have another new books donated to us, The Target by David Baldacci, plus loads of others both purchased and donated.  Come in and check us out!  We all agree--if you haven't been in the library in a couple years or more, you will be surprised!  Don't worry, though.  We have smelling salts to bring you around again!  
Here's a  review:

Johnny Osage by Janice Holt Giles.  (HC/RP)  Johnny Fowler, son of Hannah Fowler, an earlier novel of author Giles, is a frontier man imbued with gentleness, honor, courage, and high morals.  He and his brother-in-law own and run a trading post in the Oklahoma Territory of the 19th century.  They were located right in the middle of Osage Indian country and he came to love these Native Americans greatly.  He was there as the U.S. Government pushed the Cherokee Indian tribes out of their native Southeastern United States and marched them to the area just to the east of Osage land--land that had been promised to the Osage in past treaties.  The Cherokee and the Osage soon became extreme enemies when some Cherokees led by by a respected by some, but vile half-blood, waited until the Osage men were on a hunting party and then attacked their main village--killing, mutilating and burning the old men, women and children left behind in the Osage village.  This is a story of the early frontier, Osage life, and a romance concerning Johnny and the woman he falls in love with.  Written with detailed and factual research, many of the characters including the Osage Chief, Claymore,  were historical figures, as were the the Osage-Cherokee Wars during that period in history.  Wonderfully written and a very good read,  Janet Holt Giles at her best.

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