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April 21, 2014


We at the library hope you had a wonderful Holy Week and a glorious Easter.  The weather was so delightful in Finley yesterday that we could have had a sunrise service!  That would have been a change!

We had a winner in our Library Trivia Contest last week.  Dottie Ness of Sharon correctly answered the question of which non-fiction book is the biggest seller in the world.  It is the Bible!  Thanks, Dottie, and the others that entered.  You may collect your prize at Finley Library today!  The question for this week (4-25-14) is:  What book did this famous first line appear in?  "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." 

The library board would also like to remind you that all adult books, audio books and children's books are to be checked out for two weeks only.  We would so appreciate your co-operation in this regard.  We have also begun to send out messages  on Facebook--if that is something you do--and postcards every two months as reminders.  It is time to do that again this weekend, so if you have books, etc., that are overdue, please either return them or come in and renew them.  We have lost hundreds of dollars worth of books because checked-out books are either not returned or folks move away and take the books they have from the library with them.  We do not like sending notices, but have found we have no other choice.  So, please, if you receive a notice that you have overdue books, take a moment, stop by and drop it in the box in the entry way.  Thank you!

Here's a review:

Fall from Grace by Andrew M. Greeley.  (HC/LP)  (NDSL books)  Greeley, who died in 2013, was a Catholic priest in the Chicago diocese, but he was also a published author of fiction and non-fiction.  Having a doctorate in Sociology, he was well-suited to write the many non-fiction books that he wrote on the social aspects of the Catholic Church.  However, he also used some of these--one might use the word perversions--in his fiction books as well.  For example, this book covers--on a very basic level--the scandal that hit the Catholic Church in Chicago  beginning in the early nineties concerning the high rate of pedophilia among the priests and how one priest handled it.  The thrust of the book is more the thought process of the church in Chicago about pedophilia, homosexuality and women as shown by the actions of those in charge.  There is also an underlying political line that demonstrates the politics of the time in Chicago. (Being from Illinois, I had heard about this aspect--though not in this detail--from the time of my childhood.)  The story line keeps one reading, but the social interpretation and actions of the diocese was rather more astounding to this reader.  (Greeley is the also the author of the seventeen book Father Blackie series.)

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