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April 14, 2014


Well, this week we will have at least one winner in our trivia contest!  And that means we also know that at least one person reads this article!  That's a relief!  This week's question will be equally easy and I hope there will be many winners!   Here's the question:  What is the title of the book with the character, Atticus Finch?  Remember the contest runs from today through next Thursday, the 24th.  Good luck!

We have several new HC/LP books on the shelves and one new PB on the Inspirational shelves by Lauraine Snelling.  She has written a prequel to the Red River of the North series.  Titled An Untamed Heart, the book tells the story of Ingeborg Strand's life before embarking on her trip to the United States, including why she left Norway.  If you have read the series, this will give you an enlightening background on this strong character; if not, it will be a  wonderful and more complete place to begin.

Our web-site continues to grow with more book titles and author's name that we have on our shelves here at Finley Library.  You should check it out at !  There are several synopses of each book listed--a great place to check out a book before reading and to find out if we have a certain book you may be interested  in.  And remember to like us on Facebook @ Finley public library!  Please tell your Facebook friends about these sites.    We think you--and they--will be amazed! 

Also, remember to stop  in at our OPEN HOUSE on the Thursday of Finley Days in June!  Joyce will be here to help celebrate her 25 years on the Finley Library Board!

Here's a review:

Rat Race by Dick Francis.  (HC/LP)  (NDSL books)  Matt Shore is a taxi-plane pilot who carries passengers (including jockeys) to and from horse races and on horse buying trips among other things.  He has a checkered past that includes a long stint as a BOAC pilot of jumbo jets--a job he quit because his wife complained he was gone too much.  Having flown many years on a variety of planes, he is a very good pilot--which may have helped him to notice a small problem with the rudders on a return-to-base trip with passengers.  Only minutes after landing and de-planing, the plane blows up on the runway!  Shore spends the rest of the book trying to find the answers to why the plane blew apart and if there is someone willing to risk lives--why???  Another great story with good characters and exciting action.  MY mantra?  Don't miss any of Dick Francis' books and this one is no different!

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