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April 01, 2014


We are happy to say that we have added many more books to our web-site and inventory!  Soon we will be announcing the connection that will allow you to contact the web-site and check out the books listed there to see if one or two fit the bill for you!  First, however, someone needs to win the contest regarding just how many books we have here in the library.  I think everyone will be surprised!  I know we have been.  Be sure to stop by and sign up to win!  We have a great DVD to give to the lucky winner!  Keep the date of June 12th open to come by for treats and coffee/tea and feting Joyce Jerstad, whom like us, will be celebrating twenty-five years here in this location at 302 Broadway; she as a board member and we as Finley Public Library!  
Here's the beginning of our TRIVIA CONTEST.  The first to contact me with the answer on Friday, April 4th, AFTER  1 P.M. will be the winner for this week.  We'll begin with an easy one and there will be  one a week until our Open House when the winner (the person with the most correct answers) will receive their big surprise!  And, no, we librarians will not be playing!  QUESTION:  WHICH AUTHOR PROFILED IN OUR "FINLEY LIBRARY PRESENTS" NOT ONLY WRITES BOOKS, but spends the day--often at the beach, thinking about what she/he would write about that night between 7:30 P.M. and 11:00 P.M.?  Think you know the answer?   The winner will be noted and each following week's winners will be noted as well.  Let's see who gets the most wins!
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Here's a review:
The Hearse You Came in on by Tim Cockey.  (HC/LP)  (NDSL books)  This was a fun tongue-in-cheek mystery/romance by first time author Cockey, and the first in the Hitchcock Sewell series which numbers five.  Sewell is tall and good-looking (to hear him tell it!) and a mortician!  He and his aunt Billie run a "remarkably non-descript establishment in a remarkably non-descript block of brownstones", otherwise known as a funeral home.  Luckily for Sewell he has his aunt because he spends a lot of his time being "one of Baltimore's most eligible and charming bachelors."  You can see where this is leading.  Right away he becomes involved with a lady police detective and her case involving the shooting of her husband in an undercover sting operation.  It seems she was the one that pulled the trigger on the gun that killed him, but an autopsy found two bullets and she swears she only shot once!  What's really happening here?  The snappy banter keeps it fun and cute until the very end and then it all becomes deadly serious--for all parties involved!

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