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March 18, 2014


It is beginning to look like spring/summer really might be just around the corner, but here in ND it  is hard to be sure!  Here's one thing to be sure of, however:  Date to remember: Thursday June 12, 2014, from 2-4, Finley Library will be celebrating  25 years in this location at 302 Broadway!  Also we will be celebrating Joyce Jerstad's 25 years on the library board.  When this location was opened she was one of the original board members at that time--the secretary-treasurer--and held that position for 23 years!  We will be celebrating her board retirement, although she will continue to be there on the second Friday of the month for --we hope-- many more years! 

As you may have noticed, there have been changes in the library in recent years including a new paperback room, many more books--especially large prints and Open Houses during Finley Days.  We have also enlarged the library board to seven people including the chairperson.  We are on Facebook!  Like us there at Finley Public Library!  And now we have Internet at the library.  We have Invisimax and the City Council to thank for that wonderful innovation!  Thank you!  We thought we needed to do an inventory to find out exactly what we do have in the library since those that had been there longest couldn't remember that ever happening, so we began with a make-shift method and soon realized how difficult (and how expensive) it would be to continue with the method we were using, so we went to Invisimax and the city council and now we are online.  It is a wonderful thing to not have to drag lists home to check on certain things like series and authors and other such needed items and be able to do it all there!

Here's a review:

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.  (HC/LP)  When I say this is a story of revenge, that would be Revenge with a capital "R"!   Think of the TV series Revenge and how well thought out that entire scenario seems to be.  This  is that good and more because you have no idea going into it what is happening and then you have no idea what is real and not real.  Nick and Amy seem meant for each other, but by their fifth anniversary they have both decided they no longer love each other.  They no longer have the glowing pizzazz they had before and both think it is because the other one has changed--in other words--NOT THEIR FAULT!  Nick is in the middle of a year long affair, so divorce seems to be next on the agenda, right?  WRONG!  Revenge is the thing!  How it all works, how it is planned and what comes of it makes for intense reading.  How it is that two people can be wrapped up in the same single purpose, but you will see. WARNING:  Lots of four letter words and though one of them is L-O-V-E, it is a more crazy love (to this reader.)  Remember 72 weeks on the NYT Best Seller List and still selling, but you don't have to buy it--Finley Library has it.

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