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February 13, 2014


Happy Valentine's Day to all our readers whether in the Press, on facebook, or from the library!  We appreciate you all!  It is nice to see all the "likes" when we go to the facebook page; have you checked it yet???  If not you should; there is information available there that is not always included in these articles.  You don't HAVE  to be a member of facebook to look at the site, but you do have to be a member to "like" us.    If you are not a member and just want to read the latest news there, just google  "Finley Public Library" on facebook.  Then click on that when it comes up and that click will get you to the home page.  It works for those that don't wish to be a part  of the facebook community, but want to check us out!  Thank you!
Also thank you to those that have been donating all the good books of late.  We have received some really nice ones--mostly PB, but some HC/RP.    Also, we have four new (HC/LP) books on the shelves and we just ordered SIX more including the new Jesse Stone (Robert B. Parker),  Virgil flowers (John Sandford), Mickey Haller (Michael Connelly) and the final book in the latest Tracie Peterson series!!  Come in and check us out!
The Evening News by Arthur Hailey.  (PB)  One could easily draw a parallel between authors Arthur Hailey and James Michener in my mind.  Michener writes about the people that inhabit geographic areas, whereas Hailey writes about the people that inhabit certain areas of business--I.e., the automobile industry (Wheels), the banking industry (The Moneychangers), the pharmaceutical industry (Strong Medicine), and the protection (police) industry (Detective).  This book is about the televised National news industry, zeroing in on a fictitious major network, its leading news anchor, the people that work with him and the huge conglomerate that owns the station and how that conglomerate can be hurt financially by what is broadcast.  In this case there is a kidnapping of the family of the anchorman.  There is a great deal of jockeying within the conglomerate as to whether the ransom money is "worth" getting the family back--never mind that they are three people who mean the world to their well known anchorman.  The end results are very interesting.  And though the book was written in 1990, I never felt like it was dated.  Very good read--even at 500+ pages!
Intensity by Dean Koontz.  (HC/RP)  If you are looking for a good book that will keep you  interested, focused and unable to put it down--this is your book!  In some parts you will also need a strong stomach to deal with the evilness of the villain--Mr. Vess.  The heroine, Chyna Shepherd, finds herself the only witness to the triple murder of her best friend and her best friend's family.  What can she do?  She doesn't want him to get away, but he has disconnected the phones and they are quite a distance away from the nearest neighbor or town.  Besides, then he would get away while she was trying to find help.  So, she decides to hide herself away in Mr. Vess' vehicle.  Her perseverance against such terrible odds will be admired by most readers, even while they are trying to understand  WHY she is doing it!!!  Here's another book where you must not read the ending--it gives away too much!  All the action takes place within  a 24 hour period.

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