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September 25, 2011


Borderline by Nevada Barr.  Unable to shake the despondency and self-doubt that settled on her after her horrific experiences at Isle Royale (MI) National Park (Winter Study-2008), ranger Anna Pigeon is put on administrative leave.  Her new husband takes her on a rafting trip down the Rio Grande River through Big Bend National Park.  Within hours, however, they lose the raft to the quickly flooding river, find a barely alive pregnant woman caught in the rocks, and two of their party are killed by a sniper on the canyon rim above the river.  Getting out is difficult, but with a brand new baby it could become impossible!  (regular print)  (Anna Pigeon series #15)

The Scarecrow by Michael Connelly.  Author Connelly manages to comment on the plight of print journalism and the newly available data holding services plying the Internet while also delivering a tense thriller which includes a serial killer and cyber stalking.  As you read about the ways a person can be traced over the Internet, you may wonder why you ever opened a Facebook account or any other account for that matter!  (regular print)  (Jack McEvoy series #2)

The Renegades by T. Jefferson Parker.  Charlie Hood is a deputy for the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department in the area of Antelope Valley northwest of L. A.
When his new partner is shot in their patrol car, Charlie finds himself enmeshed in drug dealers, dirty cops, drug runners and chameleons of the human variety.  Darkly Intense.  (regular print)  (Charlie Hood series #2)

Train Man by P. T  Deutermann.  " From the first chapter, which deals with more detail than anyone should (ever) need to know about blowing up a bridge to the last climatic confrontation, this novel literally moves with the speed of a train wreck.  The elements of political intrigue within the FBI--(including) gender equality--and animosities between federal agents and local law enforcement personnel are woven together (into) a very interesting and highly entertaining story."  Well researched and detailed.  (regular print)

Cold Service by Robert B. Parker.  When Spenser's long time partner and friend Hawk is shot by the Ukrainian Mob and nearly dies, Spenser lays the groundwork for revenge for him and Hawk.  But Hawk wants more than revenge; he wants payback--not only for himself, but for the lone child left from a family he was protecting that was killed as he was shot.  Spenser and Hawk's relationship at its best.  (regular print) (Spenser series #32)

Quinn by Iris Johansen.  Former Navy SEAL and now FBI agent, Joe Quinn is in love with Eve Duncan, a forensic sculptor.  Eve is caught in her dual desire to find her missing daughter and discover the truth behind her disappearance.  This book is #2 in the Eve, Quinn, Bonnie, Trilogy which explains so much about Eve's past, present and future.  In Eve the story is told from her viewpoint.  In Quinn the story is told from his viewpoint.  This is important to remember while reading--otherwise the two books may seem too repetitive.  Fans of Iris Johansen's Eve Duncan series will be pleased to learn more about these relationships.  (large print) (Although this is its own trilogy, there have been 11 previous books in the Eve Duncan series.)

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