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September 11, 2011

The Help by Kathryn Stockett.  Author Stockett has created three extraordinary women who determine to start a movement in their small Mississippi town in 1962.  The movement is meant to free the women who have been town maids for years--cleaning other people's dirt, raising other people's children and keeping other people's secrets, but in the end the freedom becomes personal as well as these three women and others in the town see the futures that could lay before them. (large print)

Buried Prey by John Sanford.  For readers of John Sanford's Prey series this will be another good read but with a nice bonus.  Because the crime they are now working to solve happened 25 years ago, the reader gets to meet the young patrolman Lucas Davenport and get a few clues as to why he is who he is today.  (If you've never read the series, this is as good as any place to start.)  A house demolition uncovers the bodies of two girls killed over two decades ago in a case that was marked as solved by those in charge.  Davenport was never satisfied with that decision, but never did anything about it either.  Find out why.  (large print)

Rebel Island by Rick Riordan.  Texas ex-P.I. Tres Navarre and his wife are on their honeymoon, but the dream soon turns nightmarish.  Dead bodies, monster hurricanes and a seemingly unstoppable serial killer work together to remind Navarre of a grim childhood summer that changed his life.  (regular print)

The Hot Flash Club Chills Out by Nancy Thayer.  Fourth in this series, the five ladies who own a day spa (The Haven) decide they need a break.  When the chance to house-sit a lovely place on Nantucket Island comes up, they all agree it's the thing to do!  This series is funny and delightfully bawdy.  Think "The Golden Girls" of TV fame, especially Blanche's character!  (regular print)

Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys.  This, the author's first novel, tells the story of how artistic Lina, a fifteen year-old, her mother and her younger brother are forced to relocate from Lithuania by Stalin's Regime to farthest Siberia where they are forced to farm sugar beets  in conditions that are no better than Hitler's concentration camps.  Lina, documenting the years through her drawings, also finds that her artistic works help her to keep her dignity and sanity in the face of human cruelty and indifference to life.  (If this books seems to read like non-fiction, it may be because the author's mother was a Lithuanian refugee sent to a similar area by Stalin in his quest for ethnic cleansing.)  (large print)

A Test of Love by Kathleen Scott.  Married eleven years, two lovely children, a place in the community and great husband who works hard and provides handsomely for his family:  What more could any woman want???  Being that woman, Juliet can tell you what more she wants; she wants him--his attention, his affection, his conversation.  Though that may sound selfish to some, many women have been in the same place.  The question is how do they get what they want to make their marriage last?.  (inspirational)  (paperback)

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