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September 02, 2011

Here's another week's worth of new books.  We are very pleased with the book donation and memorials we have been receiving in the passed month.  Thank you for considering your Finley Public Library as a place to give.

Also be aware that some of the books we will be covering in this column are for the youth and children of the community--like the first selection this week!

Percy Jackson and the Olympians by  Rick Riorden.  (This series includes six books.  We have the first four and and will be getting the next two soon.)  Percy Jackson is basically a good kid.  His problems seem to include controlling his temper and concentrating on his school work.  In the summer before seventh grade his mother finally tells him that he is a half-blood--a demi-god whose father is a titan.  Think Harry Potter, but without the witches, wizards and warlocks.  Instead, the characters that inhabit this series are Greek gods, satyrs and monsters among others.  At Camp Half-Blood ( on Long Island) Percy finds friends, safety and adventures--one of which is to save the camp from attacks by titans, Cyclops and monsters! (hard cover and paperback)

Where the Heart Leads by Kim Vogel Sawyer.  Thomas Ollenburger has just graduated from college in Boston.  His Mennonite roots in Kansas call to him, but so does life in the big city--as well as a girl in each location!  Is he listening to God, is God just not talking or is Thomas listening but not really hearing what God has to say?  (paperback) (inspirational)

Burnt Mountain by Anne Rivers Siddons.  Part romance, part family saga with a bit of the supernatural thrown in at the end, this book is narrated by Thayer Wentworth who was brought up by a spiteful mother.  Now Thayer is looking for the love she didn't receive from her mother.  Armed with no ambition, Thayer is only looking for a lasting love, but will even that be enough to assuage her feelings of loss and uselessness?  (hardcover, large print)

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows.  Mostly comprised of letters written by those that lived on Guernsey Island in the English Channel during the German Occupation of WWII, this book tells the well-researched story of the darker side of human nature as well as the heroism of the inhabitants. Though much is learned about the time period, remember--this book is a novel!  Heart-warming and entertaining.(hardcover, regular print)

Snowbound by Blake Crouch.  For five years Will Innis and daughter, Devlin live incognito for fear of him being prosecuted for his wife's disappearance and assumed murder.  Then he is approached by FBI Agent, Kalyn Sharp (he finds out later she is an ex-FBI agent) who wants his help in finding not only Innis' wife, but also Sharp's sister--both of whom Sharp believes believes are still alive in Alaska.  Suspenseful and exciting to the end, but not for the faint of heart when the reader discovers what has really happened to the women and the level to which men will fall.

The Sanctuary by Raymond Khoury.  Author of the The Last Templar, Khoury writes of intrigue and gruesome medical experiments that seem to have been going on for centuries!  Iraq, (the main location) is where a state-of-the-art concealed lab is found.  When attacked the scientist gets away, but a strange circular symbol of a snake feeding on its tail leads a geneticist (whose mother has disappeared) and a CIA Agent to a centuries old trail that leads right up to the present.


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