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August 27, 2011


It is nice to hear reports of folks coming in looking for a book that has been in these columns the passed few weeks.  Thank you for reading this.

We  have been blessed to receive a very large donation of books from a friend of the library!  The books are either regular print or paperbacks, but the titles are ones we--for the most part--don't have and the books are like new.  There are five by David Baldacci, over ten by James Patterson, over 25 by Stuart Woods, several by Tom Clancy, Stephen White and others.  They will not be listed individually here because there are too many, but come in and check them out.  They will be on the new arrivals shelves for awhile.  In fact, we are now using two shelves for our new arrivals because of new purchases and these donations. We thank the donor very much.

Here are further new books:

Double Minds by Terri Blackstock.  This book combines a compelling suspense novel with an inside look at the Christian Music industry in Nashville, TN.  Blackstock, a Christian fiction writer, sets the murder in the reception area of a busy recording studio.  (Inspirational) (regular print)

Rage by Jonathon Kellerman.  An eight year old murder case of a two year old girl that sent two teenage boys to jail is reinvestigated after one of the young men is murdered on his release from jail.  The only person he was known to have spoken to before his death is Alex Delaware which puts Alex and Milo Sturgis back on the case.

Moving Target by Elizabeth Lowell.  What secrets lie in the four pages of centuries-old illuminated manuscript left to Serena Charteis by her eccentric grandmother when she is murdered???   While she is solving the puzzle, Serena must keep moving to save not only the manuscript, but herself as well.  (regular print)

The Widow by Carla Neggars.  This romantic suspense novel is set on the rugged Mt. Desert resort island off the coast of Maine.  The husband of a Boston homicide detective is killed.  The fact that he was a FBI Special Agent must be considered while  his bereaved wife is looking for the killer.

The Dog Next Door by Callie Smith Grant.  The reader will love these uplifting glimpses into the lives of ordinary and extraordinary dogs and the people who love them.  Follow-up to A Prince Among Dogs.  (Inspirational) (non-fiction)

Empire Falls by Richard Russo.  Miles Roby has worked at the Empire Grill for 20 years--a job that cost him his college education, his wife and his own self-respect.  Author Russo delves deeply into the blue collar heart of America with hilarity, heartache and grace.  (paperback)

We also now have in large print paperback the first two of the new Tracie Peterson trilogy, Striking a Match, though the characters do not completely follow in each book.  Come in and check out our new arrivals shelves and all our shelves.

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